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FFXIV All Saint’s Wake 2022: Halloween quest & rewards

Published: 13/Jan/2022 16:08 Updated: 13/Jan/2022 16:09

by Lauren Bergin


Final Fantasy XIV Online’s Halloween event, All Saints’ Wake, is set to return in 2022, so here’s its release date, as well as how to start the quest in FFXIV and obtain your rewards.

In recent months we’ve seen FFXIV’s fan favorite Christmas event, Starlight Celebration, add some festive minions to your inventory, as well as the Lunar New Year-inspired Heavensturn which focuses on all things feline.

What we didn’t see was the iconic Halloween event, All Saints Wake, whose absence left players all across Eorzea lamenting the lack of all things spooky. However, Square Enix have heard our desperate pleas and will be bringing the event back for the latter half of January 2022.


So, here’s a rundown of the FFXIV All Saints’ Wake Halloween event, including its release date, rewards, and how to start the event’s quest.


FFXIV All Saints Wake Halloween event pumpkin Lalafel
Square Enix
The last time the veil between worlds dropped was back in 2019.

FFXIV All Saints’ Wake start & end dates

FFXIV All Saints’ Wake will make its triumphant return to Eorzea on January 20 at 12:00AM PST / 3AM EST / 8AM GMT / 9AM CEST, and will conclude on February 2 at 6:59AM PST / 9:59AM EST / 2:59PM GMT / 3:59PM CEST.

In order to take part in this mischievous mission and snag yourself some terrifying treasures, you will need to complete the quest within this date range. Once the event is over, these items will vanish back behind the veil, so if you want them be sure to log in!


FFXIV All Saint’s Wake quest

This year’s event is entitled ‘Death and Dining at the Phantom’s Feast,’ and seems to focus around one of the scariest creatures in both the real-life and virtual planes: clowns.

In order to partake in this peculiar series of events, you’ll have to have obtained Level 15 and completed the Realm Reborn story quest ‘It’s Probably Pirates.’ If you’ve done all of that, then head to Old Gridania to begin your adventure.

From here:

  1. Travel to Old Gridania
  2. Take the Aethernet to Mih Khetto’s Amphitheatre
  3. Speak to the Adventure’s Guild Investigator (a tall, purple-haired Elezen in a black cloak)
  4. Accept the ‘All Clowns’ Wake‘ quest.
ffxiv all saints wake halloween event witch girl sits amid pumpkins with a ghost
Square Enix
These cheeky little spooks will return as part of this year’s decorative rewards!

FFXIVAll Saints’ Wake rewards

Upon completing this clown-infested horror story, you’ll be able to scoop up a whole host of rewards – including a creepy garment that gives us the shivers.


  • Clown’s Outfit: A ringmaster-inspired outfit that will send shivers down your spine.
    • Comprised of: Clown’s Hat, Clown’s Top, Clown’s Shortgloves, Clown’s Bottoms & Clown’s Boots.
  • Haunted Pumpkin Set: A collection of various sized outdoor pumpkins to keep you feeling festive all year round.
  • Pumpkin Flower Vase: An adorable tabletop vase featuring a large pumpkin and tiny little ghost.
  • Modern Cosmetics – Clowning Around: “The realm’s premier publication on cosmetics ─as well as dating advice and, for some reason, politics,” will allow you to unlock spooky clown facepaint at the aesthetician.
ffxiv all saints wake halloween event rewards rewards 2022
Square Enix
Aren’t those little spooks just adorable!? The clowns, well, not so much.

So that’s everything we know about FFXIV’s All Saints’ Wake Halloween event. Looking to become the greatest Warrior of Light Eorzea has ever seen? Be sure to check out our other guides:

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