FFXIV Online dev Yoshi-P addresses Endwalker server issues backlash

Final Fantasy Endwalker characterSquare Enix

Final Fantasy developer Yoshi-P has shed some light on what Square Enix are doing amid backlash about the queues and server issues around the Endwalker release.

After months of waiting, Final Fantasy XIV Online players finally got the chance to experience the Endwalker expansion – traveling to the plains of Eorzea for a heated confrontation with the Garlean Empire and Zenos.

However, the launch of the new DLC has presented a few headaches for players. With servers being overcrowded, there are huge wait times just to get into the MMO, which has become the source of frustration for players.

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Many players have called on Square Enix to make changes, mainly to eliminate the monster queue times, but also to address some of the crashing issues like Error 2002 and Error 3001 that they’ve run into at times.

FFXIV Online Red MageSquare Enix
MMO fans have been flocking to FFXIV Online.

Now, Naoki Yoshida, more commonly known as Yoshi-P to Final Fantasy fans, has addressed some of the concerns and revealed what they’re planning to do to change things.

“We apologize for the huge inconvenience caused to players by the extremely high levels of congestion in each World since Early Access and the official launch of Endwalker,” he said in a blog post on December 11.

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Yoshi-P noted that the devs are trying to “expedite” the log-in process so players can get in faster, but they’ve got things ironed out just yet. “We are steadily making progress toward adding logical data centers for all regions and the addition of multiple new Worlds, with the cooperation of our vendors in each country,” the dev added.

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Moon Character TrailerSquare Enix
The release of Endwalker has caused plenty of headaches with server issues.

The addition of new Worlds and servers has proven difficult due to a shortage, according to Yoshi-P, but changes appear to be in the pipeline.

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It remains to be seen as to exactly when things will be ironed out, but it appears as if it won’t be much longer.