FFXIV Online dev responds to concerns about NFTs coming to MMO

. 5 months ago
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Square Enix producer and designer Naoki Yoshida has given skeptical players more clarification on whether NFTs will appear in the long-running Final Fantasy franchise. 

It’s not an understatement to say the Final Fantasy franchise is extremely beloved across the world. Square Enix has given the long-running series star treatment in the last few years, with polished next-gen remakes breathing new life into classic titles.

However, players have raised a few eyebrows with Square Enix’s plans to incorporate NFTs into future titles, especially with how it could affect the immensely popular FFXIV.

Now, Square Enix’s own Naoki Yoshida has stepped in to field these mounting concerns.

Final Fantasy Endwalker character
Square Enix
FFXIV Endwalker has taken the MMO to new heights.

Naoki Yoshida talks about “NFT element” in FFXIV

During the pre-broadcast for the Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter stream, players were able to watch producer and designer Naoki Yoshida discuss the prospect of blockchain-based gaming.

Translated by Square Enix’s Aimi Tokutake, Yoshida said “based on how Final Fantasy XIV is designed, we don’t intend on incorporating any sort of NFT element in the game at this point. If anybody is worried or concerned about it, I can clearly state at this time that we do not have any intentions to incorporate that into the game.”

While Yoshida may have put Final Fantasy players at ease, the producer didn’t necessarily shut down the appearance of NFTs in future Square Enix projects: “I would love if there is an opportunity to speak to the subject of NFTs in an interview that is completely unrelated to FFXIV, because it is an opportunity for a new business model.”

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The designed continued: “I do believe the vehicle itself could potentially be something that makes the concept of a video game a little bit more interesting. That being said, we would need a specific game design that would accommodate for the concept of NFTs.”

Where NFTs will pop up next in Square Enix’s library remains to be seen, as it seems the backlash they caught back in January hasn’t deterred them from their plans.

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