FFXIV NPC tries to murder new player by luring them into an elite mob

Liam Ho
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Final Fantasy XIV’s Thancred has attempted to murder a new player by luring them into an elite mob with a shiny main scenario quest.

Final Fantasy XIV’s story is arguably one of the most captivating narratives available in an RPG. Spanning across multiple expansions, the main story questline can take hundreds of hours to complete. Throughout your journey, you’ll make friends and enemies, lose companions, and even befriend nemeses along the way.

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This all starts back in A Realm Reborn, where you’ll meet the crew you become very familiar with. One face you’ll come to know is the thuggish rogue Thancred.

The main story questline requires players to meet Thancred on the outskirts of Ul’dah, which unfortunately made it nigh impossible for one new player.

FFXIV’s Thancred tries to murder a new player by luring them into elite mob

Reddit user ethman14 was starting out their journey in Final Fantasy XIV. They had selected the Warrior class and were happily progressing through the story. However, they seemed to hit a hitch in their tracks, as the player was asked to meet Thancred right next to a level 50 elite mob.

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Elite Mobs are powerful enemies in FFXIV which are scattered throughout the open world. These mobs can require multiple players to defeat and aren’t to be taken lightly, especially by a player who’s new to the game. The elite mob named Maahes is level 50, which was the level cap for completing A Realm Reborn.

Because of this high-level mob barring the way between them and Thancred, ethman would’ve been unable to progress the story unless they asked a higher-level player to eliminate it.

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Another user shared that a similar case had happened during the opening of the game’s Korean servers, where a GM was brought in to help out.

byu/ethman14 from discussion

Fortunately, with the friendly community that FFXIV fosters, it’s likely players would’ve been more than willing to help progress a new player’s journey.

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