FFXIV Myths of the Realm Agalia: Release date & requirements for 6.1 Alliance Raid

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Final Fantasy XIV Online is filled to bursting with raids and dungeons, but Endwalker’s  Myths of the Realm Agalia Alliance Raid has snatched players’ attention. Here’s everything we know about the content: from release date to entry requirements.

As the ashes settle and peace prevails in the wake of Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, all eyes are on what the future holds for our Warrior of Light and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn.

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One thing we know for certain is coming, though, is the Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid. The first of its kind, the gates to this mysterious location are ready to be flung open, inviting players to test their mettle against some of Eorzea’s most fearsome foes.

Looking forward to FFXIV’s Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid? Here’s everything you need to know about it.


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Myths of the Realm has been on the cars for a while, but just what is this mysterious new Raid?

FFXIV Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid: Release date

FFXIV’s Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid is set to debut alongside Patch 6.1 on April 12.

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Patch 6.1, aptly entitled Newfound Adventure, sets the foundations for a new storyline featuring our dashing heroes and heroines, as well as adding a new Trial, dungeon, and much, much more.

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During the ‘Letter from the Producer’ discussing 6.1, Yoshi-P gave us a glimpse into Myths of the Realm.

What is FFXIV Myths of the Realm Agalia?

Myths of the Realm is a level 90 24-man Raid that will be split across multiple different parts, with the first entitled ‘Agalia.’

Our next adventure centers around a spectacular marble tower, whose stairwells are lined with huge statues of gryphons, as well as a colossal recreation of Rhalgr. Don’t let its stunning vistas fool you, however, as Final Fantasy XIV’s producer, Naoki Yoshida (more commonly known as Yoshi-P) warns “yes, you can and will fall down.”

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He goes on to clarify “it’s not all about the beauty of the instance… We will touch on the Twelve, what are they, do they even exist, all those questions;” perfectly interweaving with the imagery of the Twelve that can be seen throughout the Raid.

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Aglaia may be beautiful, but its inhabitants are deadly.

FFXIV Endwalker Myths of the Realm Agalia requirements

In order to challenge the creatures that lurk within this long-forgotten realm, you’ll need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Achieve Level 90
  • Have an average item level of 565 or above
  • Complete the Chronicles of a New Era quest ‘A Mission in Mor Dhona.’

So that’s everything we know about FFXIV’s Myths of the Realm Alliance Raid; from its release date to what to expect.

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