FFXIV devs “fix” infamous Endwalker grapes but players aren’t impressed

ffxiv grapes in endwalkerSquare Enix

FFXIV Endwalker’s 6.01 update has made some adjustments to how the game’s grapes look, but Final Fantasy XIV fans aren’t exactly impressed.

As millions of Eorzeans flock to the shores of Final Fantasy XIV’s ever-expanding universe to fend of the tides of evil in FFXIV Endwalker, there’s a whole host of new features just dying to be explored.

From new dungeons such as heavenly Ktisis Hyperboreia and the eerie Vanaspati, to the seemingly more mundane tasks of catching Northern Herring and Giant Aetherlouse, the latest chapter in the FFXIV saga offers a whole selection of exciting activities.

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Beneath all of this new content lurks an old favorite, however, that has been given a bit of a glow-up coming into the game’s patch 6.01. These are the infamous grapes, whose bizarre blocky structure has been amusing players.

ffxiv online grapesSquare Enix
Those ain’t like no grapes I’ve ever seen…

FFXIV’s grapes get a glow-up in Endwalker Patch 6.01

A new Pandaemonium raid? Who cares. New items? So last year. What FFXIV fans really care about is the fact that those horribly animated grapes have received a fresh lick of purple paint.

Patch 6.01 notes that a fix has been implemented for “an issue wherein the polygon count of grapes in Labyrinthos were reduced in excess to alleviate system memory usage in the area.”

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“We will miss you, grapes,” reads a post from the official English Final Fantasy Twitter account. “You were truly remarkable.”

FFXIV fans remain unimpressed

However, it turns out that the fans aren’t exactly enamored with the changes to their favorite circular fruits.

Posting a screenshot of their character next to the new and improved balls of juice, one fan writes “they are BARELY better lmaoooo,” noting that the “grapes totally went from PlayStation 1 to PlayStation 2.”

Indeed, the bunches do appear to have retained their conical shape, but at least each individual fruit appears to be slightly more rounded.

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Are these grapes going to make or break your fight for Eorzea’s safety during the Final Days? Who knows. Either way, though, they certainly don’t look ‘grape’ (get it?)