Asmongold finally returns to FFXIV after nine month long hiatus

asmongold final fantasy xiv onlineAsmongold/Square Enix

Twitch star Asmongold made his triumphant return to Eorzea and streamed Final Fantasy XIV Online for the first time in nine months on his main channel.

Asmongold made a massive splash back in July 2021 when he streamed FFXIV for the very first time, generating over $30k in his debut broadcast of the MMO.

The 30-year-old ended up loving the game and even finished its main story very quickly. Although he streamed the game a ton after ditching World of Warcraft for it, he ended up putting it down for quite some time.

Now, the OTK streamer has made his return to the world of Eorzea to play the expansion Stormblood.

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asmongold-quit-ffxiv-lost-arkSquare Enix / Twitch: Asmongold
Asmongold finally returned to FFXIV after a long wait.

Asmongold returns to FFXIV with massive Twitch stream

The One True King founder hadn’t broadcasted FFXIV since September 11, 2021. When Asmon went live on June 21, it marked the end of a nine-month-long break from the MMO.

He returned to the game to play the expansion, Stormblood, and was wowed by its opening trailer.

After watching the trailer he said, “I forgot how good the cinematics were. Yeah, this is actually really high quality. Holy s**t.”

Time starts at 6:37

The stream peaked at 86k viewers, which is much higher than any of the peak broadcasts when he left the game nearly an entire year ago.

Upon returning to his level 72 Dark Knight named “Asmongold Bald,” the streamer ran through hours of the expansions Main Story Quest, feeling nostalgia all along the way.

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Although his return to the game was delayed, as he previously stated he wanted to return in April, his return was as epic as expected.