Asmongold explains how FFXIV has replaced WoW as the “leader” of MMOs

asmongold ffxiv wowSquare Enix/Asmongold/Blizzard

Twitch star Asmongold pointed out how FFXIV has pulled ahead of World of Warcraft as the “leader” of the MMO genre by creating an unmatched social experience within the game.

Asmongold has heaped heavy praise onto the MMORPG since picking the game up back in July 2021.

The Twitch streamer claimed previously that FFXIV innovated on what WoW brought to the table originally for the genre, and has streamed the game a ton since entering the world of Eorzea.

Now, Asmongold opened up on his thoughts about how Final Fantasy 14 is the most important MMO there is.

Asmongold talks next to Final Fantasy XIV stream.Twitch: Asmongold / Square Enix
Asmongold has become a big fan of FFXIV.

Asmongold on how Final Fantasy XIV pulled ahead of WoW

The streamer was live on January 22 when he opened up on the reason the game has pulled ahead of WoW.

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“I think an MMO, the only thing the game really f**kin’ needs is for people to feel good about logging on. The fact that people can have a social experience with logging on,  FFXIV is the leader in MMOs,” he said.

Asmon continued, “WoW does a lot of things better than Final Fantasy, but shared space, experience, and social environment… FFXIV is so f**king far and above WoW.”

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Later in the stream, he continued to praise the Square Enix MMO. “Final Fantasy has innovation in terms of player spaces, housing, and social environments. I think it has genuine innovation that is meaningful,” he said.

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Asmongold went on to compare FFXIV’s innovation in the genre to the jump from Halo 2 to Halo 3 saying that it’s everything good from its predecessors, plus more.

The streamer continues to be impressed with what Square Enix has done with FFXIV as he continues to make his way through the game’s four huge expansions.