Zweback reveals which FIFA 20 Storyline card is best to take in Season 5

by Isaac McIntyre


YouTube star Zweback has revealed which FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Storyline card he thinks is the best to take after the Season 5 experience grind, and explained why he even believes the limited-edition reward card is “incredible.”

With the start of FIFA 20, EA SPORTS introduced a new way to earn upgraded FUT cards ⁠— seasons. Each month, players are challenged to collect EXP and rank up a ‘battle pass’ style rewards tier list for players, cosmetics, and more.

Three high-powered players are waiting at level 30 each time. In Season 5, this consisted of United midfielder Fred, Atletico’s Yannick Carrasco, and Italian striker Andrea Belotti, the last of whom Zweback believes is the pick of the litter.

Torino striker Andrea Belotti is the best FUT card to take at Season 5's top level, Zweback said.
EA Sports
Torino striker Andrea Belotti is the best FUT card to take in Season 5, Zweback said.


Belotti the best FIFA Storyline card to take in Season 5

According to the YouTube star, Belotti is one of the best strikers available in the game, and is “well worth” the 100,000 experience required to max out Season 5’s rewards. The Italian star “just doesn’t know how to miss,” he explained.

“All the man knows how to do is score,” the YouTuber continued. He did admit, however, it is a “big time commitment.” “It’s a hell of a grind… with TOTS, I’m a little hesitant to recommend [him] because there are other great cards coming.”

“He’s got some really, really high-end stats though, they’re absolutely top-end. Unfortunately, there’s no free time in FIFA and this guy doesn’t cost coins, but he does cost time. He absolutely lit it up for me though. He’s very, very dominant.”

Zweback's star-studded team with Belotti leaned heavily into Bundesliga as well as the Serie A.
Screenshot: EA Sports, via Zweback
Zweback's team with Belotti leaned heavily into Bundesliga as well as the Serie A.


Is Belotti a better pick than Premier League star Fred?

Zweback did add he expected “most people to pick [United star] Fred,” who clocks in with an 89 rating too. They could be making a mistake, he said. in Zwe's eyes, while the Manchester midfielder will fit into most Premier League squads, his value is “far below” what Belotti boasts.

“I’m absolutely in love with this Belotti card and if I have any success in Weekend League, it will be on the heels of an Andrea Belotti performance,” the FIFA creator concluded. He then dubbed the rare Storyline card “four out of five.”

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Zwe isn’t the only FIFA star to have passed verdict on endgame FIFA 20 cards recently either ⁠— fellow YouTuber Oliver ‘Reev’ Fletcher dubbed Alex Sandro’s new 91-rated Moments SBC the “best left-back in FIFA 20” last month.

FIFA pro Huge Gorilla has also been keeping his eye out for the best and worst cards in the game’s late stages. He has been less kind with his verdicts ⁠— according to him, Marcus Rashford’s expensive FUT Birthday card is a “total ripoff.”