Ultimate FIFA 22 attacking guide for new controls, tactics & skill moves

fifa 22 attacking guide with mbappeEA SPORTS

EA SPORTS have implemented several FIFA 22 gameplay changes, bringing new ways to make runs and score. All of those new potentially meta tactics, controls, and player instructions will be explained in our ultimate FIFA 22 attacking guide. 

On July 29, EA revealed a load of fresh gameplay changes as part of their pre-launch Pitch Notes series. The game’s developers have already confirmed there are thousands of new animations this year, added with Hypermotion Technology, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here, we’ll be breaking down all the new attacking features, and how to use them.

FIFA 22 gameplay changes

fifa 22 gameplay changes

FIFA 22 shakes up a number of attacking tools for players, stemming from the introduction of Hypermotion Technology. This new tech allows over 4,000 new animations to come into the game since last year, but that’s not all.

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A few bits and pieces were mentioned in the gameplay trailer, which rolled out on July 29.

Gameplay trailer

New FIFA 22 attacking controls

  • Explosive Sprint: When in possession, press RT/R2 when in a straight line, facing goal, to get a speed boost.
  • Super Knock On: Double flick RS forward to do two quick flicks.
  • Riding Tackle touches: Use LS input to dribble past tackles.
  • Manual Dink Dribble Touch: Press R3 during a dribble to dink your touch.
  • Drag Back Spin, Four Touch Turn, and Stepovers cancel: Use LT+RT. 

New attacking tactics

A number of attacking features have been added this year, with Explosive Sprint, in particular, looking likely to be a part of the game’s meta.

Though, that’s just one of many transformative changes to gameplay. Knowing how to use each of these will ultimately increase your chances of penetrating the opposition’s defence and, shock horror, score more goals.

How to use Explosive Sprint in FIFA 22

Explosive Sprint in FIFA 22 gives the player more control about when to accelerate in the dribble.

  1. Start a game of FIFA 22.
  2. Pass the ball to a striker or winger in a 1v1 situation.
  3. Press R2/RT and face forward, in a straight line towards goal.
  4. Speed away from your marker with the speed boost.

These speed boosts are temporary and there is a cooldown period for using them, too – see below.

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The next two attacking tactics, used to set up your team, can create 16 different play styles.

Build-Up Play

  • Balanced: Maintain a balanced formation when attacking. Players will offer support where needed.
  • Slow Build Up: More support from the team in attacking play, with not many runs out of position. For short passing, it is ideal.
  • Long Ball: The team will sprint forwards for long balls, which is ideal for a striker that’s fast and has a physical presence.
  • Fast Build Up: Free-flowing football where players push out of position to offer runs. It can leave you exposed to counter attacks.

Chance Creation

  • Balanced: Maintain formation when attacking. Players will offer support and make runs when they think it’s the right time to do so.
  • Possession: Perfect for teams with good passers. With short passing the main focus, there won’t be many penetrating runs but it will be difficult for the opposition to break your lines.
  • Direct Passing: Players will create chances by making runs for passes, in behind. Fast strikers will be suited to this the best.
  • Forward Runs: This tactic pushes players forward deep into attacking areas. It could leave you exposed to counter attacks, though.

Meta tactics or features

fifa 22 chelsea EA SPORTS
Knowing the best FIFA 22 meta tactics will lead to more goals, and wins.

Tactically, it appears that Balanced Build-Up could be a good option to choose, utilizing some of the defensive features added in FIFA 22 – such as Overlap, or Step Up.

It is too early to say which tactics will be part of the meta, though. In the meantime, check out our FIFA 22 custom tactics hub which features everything that’s changed.

New FIFA 22 skill moves controls

EA have also added a short list of new FIFA 22 skill moves, including a First Time Spin and Scoop Turn Fake.

  • Four Touch Turn: Hold L2/LT + Flick RS Back + Flick RS Back
  • Skilled Bridge: Hold L2/LT + Double Tap R1/RB
  • First Time Spin: Hold L1/LB + R1/RB as the ball comes towards the player first time
  • Scoop Turn Fake: Hold LS in the opposite direction after doing a forward Scoop Turn

FIFA 22 skill moves nerfs and buffs

The following has been taken from the FIFA 22 pitch notes for gameplay:

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  • Removed Skill Move Cancel for La Croquetta, Elastico, Reverse Elastico, and Scoop Turn.
  • Reduced animation speed for Bridge and Directional Nutmegs.
  • Drag Back Spin, Four Touch Turn, and Stepovers can now be canceled (LT + RT).
  • Drag to Drag Skill Move can now be triggered by holding RS backward.
  • The Heel to Heel Skill Move is more difficult to successfully perform.
  • New animations for Directional Nutmeg 90 degree turns.