FIFA 21 TOTW 7: Best 5 players to buy this week

David Purcell
FIFA 21 Bruno Fernandes TOTW 7

EA SPORTS have rolled out Team of the Week 7 (TOTW 7) in FIFA 21, and we’ve gone ahead to pick five of the new special cards you should consider adding to your Ultimate Team. 

Just like any other week, a whole bunch of new TOTW cards arrived for the weekly promo. Unlike many others, though, one of the world’s best footballers have been selected for the first time, and that – of course – is Lionel Messi.

There are always some obvious picks in every selection, which have been included here, and now that the game-breaking bug preventing players from using red picks of these cards has been patched, it’s now safe to play with them.

So, let’s get right into it. All prices listed in this article have been taken from FUTWIZ and are relevant at the time of writing.

Ibrahima Konate

FIFA 21 TOTW 7 Konate
Here’s Konate’s new TOTW 7 card.

Price: 58k – 61k

Not too pricey, and one of the big advantages for Konate is that he links up well with meta cards like Ferland Mendy and Alphonso Davies.

Konate isn’t just valuable for his chemistry though, his 78 Pace makes him one of the quicker CBs on the market. He also has an 84 defense and 82 physical, which will help him when it comes to tackling and getting the ball back.

Hirving Lozano

FIFA 21 TOTW 7 Lozano
Here’s Lozano’s new TOTW 7 card.

Price: 145k – 155k

Napoli’s RM brings some excellent stats to the table. His 97 pace means you won’t have to use a chemistry style like Hunter or Shadow, you can go for something to help out his other attributes. His other stats aren’t so shabby, either.

Lozano has an odd combination for chemistry links, as he’s Mexican playing in Serie A. Unfortunately, this means that you will likely have to play him with other Serie A players or use him as a sub. Nevertheless, this is an excellent card that will surely go for a good price on the FIFA 21 FUT Transfer Market.

Marcos Llorente

FIFA 21 TOTW 7 Marcos Llorente
Here’s Llorente’s new TOTW 7 card.

Price: 192k – 195k

If you thought his normal card was doing the business, wait until you get your hands on Llorente’s in-form card. He will likely feature in chiefly La Liga or Spain teams in Ultimate Team, though with so many top performers of the same nationality, makes him a valuable pick in terms of chemistry. Aside from that, the stats for his card alone makes this a must-buy from TOTW 7.

Lionel Messi

FIFA 21 TOTW 7 Messi
Here’s Messi’s new TOTW 7 card.

Price: 1.4 million – 1.6 million

One of the hottest properties on the FUT Market now, Lionel Messi finally has a Team of the Week card, and boy are the stats impressive. The little Argentine will be an ambition for most players, but if you have the cash to splash on any of these cards this week – who else but Lionel?

86 pace, 94 shooting, and 96 dribbling is a deadly trio where stats are concerned. If you thought you couldn’t live with some players twisting and turning in your box while defending, the task is going to be a level harder when this Messi card is on the pitch. If you can have him on your side, it’s worth trying him out for sure.

Bruno Fernandes

FIFA 21 TOTW 7 Fernandes
Here’s Fernandes’ new TOTW 7 card.

Price: 541k – 553k

After a dominant performance against Everton, Bruno Fernandes earned his way into Team of the Week again. 89 OVR rating and an incredible blend of shooting, dribbling, and passing comes with the territory – as you would expect for one of the Premier League’s most gifted central midfielders.

Just like Messi, this recommendation comes with a slight disclaimer, and that’s if you can afford to add him to your ranks. He’s right up there in the meta in terms of what he brings to a team, so adding the Portuguese international to your FUT team would be ideal for the next week of Weekend League action.

So, there you have it! Those are our top five players from Team of the Week 7 in FIFA 21, now it’s down to you to decide if you will be buying any of them at all. Clearly, some will be in budget, and others might just be a bit too expensive at this stage. If you fall in the bracket of the latter, stay patient and prices will drop over time!