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Thibaut Courtois’ stacked FIFA 21 Ultimate Team squad has 5 top ICONS

Published: 2/Feb/2021 23:37 Updated: 2/Feb/2021 23:38

by Albert Petrosyan


Real Madrid and Belgium superstar goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has divulged the starting 11 of his incredibly stacked Ultimate Team squad in FIFA 21, one that includes five ICONS and his own card, although not the 99 player-version.

Over the past couple of years, more and more professional footballers are turning to FIFA Ultimate Team as an alternate way of enjoying and playing the sport they love, perhaps with even more control than they get to have in their real-world job.

One of those is Thibaut Courtois, one of the best and most well-known goalkeepers in the world. Making an appearance on prominent FIFA streamer Pieface23’s channel recently, the Real Madrid netminder revealed his current go-to squad in FUT.


Thibaut Courtois’ FUT squad

As you’d expect, Courtois’ FUT squad is filled with top-rated players who are among the best for every position, including a combined total of five ICONS, and not any cheapies either.

Courtois' Ultimate Team in FIFA 21
Thibaut Courtois’ current squad in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team (formation not confirmed)
  • GK: Courtois – 90 In-Form
  • RB: Cuadrado – 84 Rulebreakers
  • CB: Varane – 88 UCL Road to the Final
  • CB: Blanc – 91 ICON
  • *LB: Theo Hernandez – 87 Headliners
  • CDM: Pogba – 87 UEL Road to the Final
  • CDM: Gullit – 90 ICON
  • *CAM: Eusebio – 93 ICON
  • CAM: Pele – 95 ICON
  • *ST: Mbappe – 97 Team of the Year
  • ST: Ronaldo – 94 ICON

*The exact versions of these cards were not specifically confirmed, so we’ve gone with the highest ones available

There are a couple of things to note about this squad before we move forward; firstly, Courtois mentioned having both Cristiano Ronaldo and the ICON Ronaldo in his squad after revealing that he’d packed the former’s card recently. We can’t be totally sure which of the two he uses more regularly in the team, but it’s probably a good issue to have when you’re a FIFA player.


Secondly, Pieface questioned Thibaut about his choice at left-back after revealing that he prefers Theo Hernandez over current-teammate Ferland Mendy. Despite Mendy being very much a “meta” card, the Belgian opted to go with the AC Milan defender because of his blistering pace.

Lastly, you may be wondering why Courtois doesn’t have a 99-rated pro player card that EA grants exclusively to professional footballers who play FIFA. Well, he actually does have one, but interestingly enough, prefers the 90-rated TOTW version instead, which he jokingly explained why when asked: “The 99 card is s**t, instead of making it better they put 99 but make it 59.”


Overall, Courtois’ FUT squad starting 11 comes at a combined cost of around 40 million coins on PlayStation (~ 31 million on Xbox), but the goalkeeper also has a stash of liquid coins on top of his mega-team.

Thanks to having packed the likes of CR7, Drogba, Cannavaro, and Ashley Cole, he has another 6 million coins sitting on his account, so he could bolster the squad further if he really wanted to.

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