RunTheFUTMarket quits FIFA 20 to pursue Farming Simulator career mode

. 2 years ago
RunTheFUTMarket / EA / GIANTS Software GmbH

Popular content creator Nick ‘RunTheFUTMarket’ Bartels left his Twitch chat stunned after deciding to quit FIFA 20 for a broadcast, deciding to play career mode on a very different game – Farming Simulator. 

The YouTuber has been trying out other games in recent times, despite gaining a large following by playing FIFA, where he’s amassed over 300,000 subscribers on his channel chiefly due to successful Ultimate Team market videos.

However, if his viewers thought trying out Konami’s eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 instead of FIFA was all about a protest against EA, he assured them during a broadcast on March 10 that it’s all about enjoying what he’s playing – something FIFA doesn’t seem to be doing for him.

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Nick decided to try out a new market on Twitch instead of FIFA… Farming.

During the livestream, he said: “I feel like a lot of us have reached our breaking point now, taking action upon it and doing some different things to make it better,” and claimed he couldn’t see himself consistently streaming the game until the Team of the Season come out.

Until then, fans of Nick’s streams should probably expect him to experiment with more games moving forward, at least until TOTS come out in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team.

The next game he decided to play, though, might be the funniest yet.

As regular FIFA players will know, career mode is one that hasn’t really lived up to expectations this year and particularly didn’t get off to a good start, due to a frustrating bug that would force the AI to select very inexperienced players.

With that said, nothing was going to stop Nick from diving right into a career of another game after watching a trailer. That game was, yes, Farming Simulator.

Comments immediately flooded the chat, mostly sarcastic, with people suggesting he should start a Road to Glory on the game. So, he obliged, picked the ‘Start from Scratch’ option and jumped right into the action.

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Viewers made even more jokes throughout the stream, asking the whereabouts of Neymar and Kylian Mbappe – which he said were hidden away in the barn – as well as comparing different parts of the mode to the Ultimate Team market. Soon enough, though, he returned to PES.

Whether or not we’ll see RunTheFUTMarket continue to experiment with very different games to FIFA, like this, in the near future remains to be seen, but it certainly seemed to be a refreshing change for the streamer.

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