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Ronaldinho’s FIFA 21 team R10 under fire after CEO sends abuse to player

Published: 24/Mar/2021 10:18

by Jacob Hale


Ronaldinho’s esports organization, R10 Team, has come under fire after a FIFA 21 coach sent abuse to a player who rejected a contract with the team.

Ronaldinho launched the organization back in 2019. They’ve not yet made a massive mark on the scene, at least in comparison to the Brazilian maestro’s contribution to football. But one thing is for certain, they’re in hot water.

From March 22-23, a number of leaked text messages came out from Renato Sa Neto to Uruguayan FIFA pro Agustín Wilkins, a player they were wanting to pick up for the team. When the contract was rejected, though, things turned sour, and it’s been made public for fans and critics to see.


Late on March 22, Wilkins posted a video recording of his WhatsApp messages with Renato to Twitter.

The tweet said: “Having rejected the proposal that R10 TEAM sent me, the CEO of the club (Renato) responded in this way. Many times we complain about the toxic environment that exists, but if we really want to help the scene grow, this is not the way to treat a player.”

In the video provided, there are voice notes in which Renato accuses Wilkins of wasting his time. He said: “I was in a BBQ with family and friends and I left in order to do your contract,” repeatedly calling the FIFA pro a “son of a b*tch.”


In a follow-up response from R10, more messages show Renato saying that he made a mistake and he didn’t want to insult him.

Then, finally, in a video posted by the CEO, Renato apologizes. The tweet says he is going to go away and think about his mistakes, hoping it will be a learning experience and that he’s man enough to acknowledge his wrongdoings.

On March 23, Wilkins announced that he would instead be representing Central Español Fútbol Club for at least the remainder of the FIFA 21 season.