Real Madrid fans find perfect new celebration for FIFA 23

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A Real Madrid fan may have found the perfect football celebration right in time for FIFA 23, and they say if EA SPORTS doesn’t add it they “won’t buy” the game.

In football matches, nothing quite captures the hype of a monumental goal like the players themselves celebrating on the field and the FIFA video game series is no exception.

Though some prefer to turn off goal celebration to keep matches flowing, others can’t help but enjoy the animations when the ball rattles the net.

With FIFA 23 release day on the horizon, EA is still yet to announce how the selection of celebrations will change this year. Well, one fan has an ideal addition.

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Real Madrid fan finds perfect goal celebration

It comes by way of a post on the FIFA subreddit, where user ‘rocket717_’ said: “I won’t buy FIFA 23 unless this celebration is guaranteed.”

The attached image shows the now-famous image of Real Madrid defender David Alaba hoisting a plastic folding chair into the air.

For those who may not know, the image of Alaba followed Karim Benzema scoring a hat-trick in 18-minutes against Paris Saint-Germain, to win the game in the Champions League.

According to German sports news outlet Sports1, Alaba “didn’t think about [the celebration] much” in the moment and that he grabbed the chair out of pure “emotion.”

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Alaba said “It’s good to try a new celebration from time to time,” and Real Madrid fans seem to agree as they’ve essentially immortalized the moment.

Following rocket717_’s post gaining traction, other fans chimed in on what celebrations they’d like to see make their way into the game, such as Manchester City defender John Stones and his famous locker room dance.

FIFA has introduced a number of custom celebrations in the past, allowing players to dance, run around, and even interact with the crowd.

While there’s a chance this infamous chair celebration could make its way into FIFA 23, Real Madrid fans will just have to wait and see what EA has in store for them.

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