New FIFA 20 League SBC Player Pick rewards appearing and they're insane

by David Purcell


A number of new FIFA 20 Ultimate Team promo cards have started to appear for some Squad Building Challenges (SBC), meaning that players can now pick up from up to three rewards after completing them. 

There are a variety of different SBCs for players to work through in FIFA 20, which involve club owners trading in teams of specific cards in return for different packs, coins and sometimes even a choice of promo cards at the end of it as well – once things are all checked off.

As of March 15, there appears to have been a change made to several League Squad Builders, meaning that new cards have been added to the rewards.


The League SBCs impacted by this change from EA SPORTS are those for the Turkish Süper Lig, Championship, Eredivisie and the Saudi Dawry Jameel League – meaning that four fresh picks have been added to the game and are ready to unlock.

These new players, as well as those previously included in the rewards, have been listed below. Previously, the rewards would include just two players. Now, there are three on offer.

FIFA 20 League SBC rewards changes

Süper Lig

  • Arslan (84) CDM
  • New: Kruse (89) CF
  • Guilherme (84) RM

Here are the Player Pick rewards for the Süper Lig League SBC in FIFA 20.


  • Maguire (84) ST
  • New: Murphy (88) LM
  • Phillips (84) CDM

Here are the Player Pick rewards for the Championship League SBC in FIFA 20.



  • Bazoer (84) CM
  • New: Musonda (88) RM
  • Bahebeck (85) ST

Here are the three Player Pick rewards for the Eredivisie League SBC.

Saudi Dawry Jameel League

  • Niakate (84) ST
  • New: Souza (88) CDM
  • Aguirregaray (85) RB

Here are the three Player Pick rewards for the Saudi Dawry Jameel League SBC.


With so many changes happening in FIFA 20, and much wider in the sport with events being canceled due to fears of the Coronavirus, it is likely that EA will roll out even more promotional Squad Builders in the near future to keep players occupied.

One change that has raised eyebrows of late, however, is the return of the FUT Champions Weekend League in FIFA 19, with players sharing their squads from last year's title online. Moving forward, at least until the spread of COVID-19 calms down worldwide, there will be changes to both Weekend League and TOTW – which you can read about here. 

So, there you have it! Those are the refreshed rewards available for all four of these Squad Building Challenges in FIFA 20. Do you have your eye on one of the cards already? Let us know on Twitter @UltimateTeamUK.