Major changes to FUT 80+ upgrade SBC requirements in FIFA 20

by Bill Cooney



Major changes to FIFA 20 Ultimate Team’s Squad Building Challenges will allow players to submit a greater variety of items for the 80+ Player Pick Upgrade SBs.

SBC’s are key for players who want to make money and unlock top tier cards, and the latest changes could make it easier for them to do just that.

With the first Future Stars squad also revealed by EA SPORTS and becoming available in Ultimate Team packs on February 11, FIFA fans have even more valuable player cards to try and collect.

EA Sports
SBCs give FUT players a good way to unlock more powerful cards.


Following the update, players will now be able to submit UEFA Champions League Rare items on SBCs that previously only accepted Gold Rare items.

"Moving forward, you are now able to submit your UEFA Champions League Rare items on SBCs that would normally require Gold Rare items only," EA announced.

The change is already reflected in-game - visiting this SBC in FUT 20 now shows UCL Rare cards as an option in the challenge requirements.


This is obviously a very positive change since UCL cards really don't offer anything different from their regular counterparts other than the blue appearance.

Now, players who pack them always have the option of unloading the cards in this SBC, creating more opportunities to maybe get lucky.

We've already mentioned the new Future Star FUT Team revealed on February 11, which is now available for SBCs and will remain as some of the best players in FIFA 20.

FIFA 20 Future Stars Team One FUT Squad


Another powerful card players will probably see going forward in FUT is Sergio Aguero's January 2020 Player of the Month card, which is currently shaping up to be one of the most lethal striking options that the league has to offer.

Whatever cards FIFA fans choose to go after, they'll have more opportunities to pick them up thanks to the SBC changes, which seem to be well-received by fans.