Jarrod Bowen explains why he doesn’t use his pro card in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

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jarrod bowen on podcast talking about FIFA 22
EA SPORTS/YouTube: Fozcast

Jarrod Bowen has become one of the most celebrated rising stars in English football, with a monumental season for West Ham in the Premier League that earned him his first England call-up. On FIFA 22, though, he prefers to keep a low profile, admitting that he won’t use his pro card in Ultimate Team.

Bowen’s come-up in his career has been nothing short of extraordinary, and for most footballers around the world, getting into FIFA is a momentous occasion.

That’s why you’ll often see most footballers using their pro card in Ultimate Team — a unique, 1 of 1 card of themselves, rated 99, that proves they’re the one playing and gives them a handy boost in-game.

Jarrod Bowen admitted that he plays Weekend League every weekend, usually getting himself around 14 wins, and loves playing FIFA — but refuses to use his own pro card.

Jarrod Bowen FIFA Ultimate Team
Jarrod Bowen’s doesn’t use his Pro Player card in FIFA anymore.

Appearing on goalkeeper Ben Foster’s ‘Fozccast’ podcast, Bowen spoke about the issue with using his pro card.

“I’m on FIFA all the time,” he said. “I’m on Weekend League every weekend … I had a Europa League card, which was nice. And you can get the pro player cards, but people know it’s you then, so if I start getting spanked, people start outing me.”

Timestamp 51:40

He went on to complain about the fact that EA SPORTS doesn’t give professional footballers free ICONs anymore, before making a prediction for his FIFA rating in FIFA 23.

Rated 78 in FIFA 22, Bowen thinks he’ll push into the 80-club with an 81 rating, which would definitely be fair off the back of the incredible season he’s had.

With FIFA being removed from the production of EA SPORTS’ hit franchise, and being renamed to EA SPORTS FC, Ultimate Team may well see some changes in the future, but Bowen will no doubt be hoping he could use more highly-rated versions of his own cards during his Weekend League matches.

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