How to watch FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 Grand Final – start date, streams, participants, format and more

David Purcell
Graphics: EA Sports, FIFA

The best FIFA players will be pitted together against each other in the FIWC 2019 Grand Finals, but only one can be champion. If you want to know how to watch the event, you’ve come to the right place. 

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The competition, which is set up by both FIFA and EA SPORTS, has a total prize pool of $500,000, making it one of the most lucrative opportunities for those involved in the game’s competitive scene. 

Last year’s event boasted incredible viewing figures, with over 29 million people glued to their screens to watch some of the most epic encounters on the soccer – or as it’s widely known, football – title. 

So, let’s take a look at how you can watch it this time around. 

EA SportsWho has enough skill to win the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 Grand Finals? We’ll have to wait and see.
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When is FIWC 2019 and how can I watch?

The FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 will be held in the iconic O2 arena in London, England, and will take place between August 2-4. 

It will be broadcasted online to Twitch for fans to enjoy, so be on the lookout for a number of different channels to go live on the day of the event. The EA SPORTS FIFA channel, as seen below, is the confirmed destination to watch it on Twitch, and FIFA have confirmed that it will be presented in six different languages. 

The eWorld Cup will also be streamed on YouTube via the FIFATV channel and on Twitter, with the official EA SPORTS FIFA account. 

EA SPORTS FIFA Twitch channel: 

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FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 Final participants and format

After racking up enough Global Series points from a range of tournaments across the globe, the best 32 players in the world will soon go head-to-head. Check out the full list below. 

They have been separated into four main groups with eight players in each, who will soon face off to decide who is truly the best player around. The winners of these groups will progress to the next phase, where they will fit into a bracket. 

Group A: 

FIFA.comGroup A features F2’s Tekkz, FaZe Clan’s Tass, and many other big names from the competitive FIFA scene.

Group A is made up of Xbox One players exclusively and includes the top ranked FIFA competitor on the platform, as well as a number of other high ranked participants. 

  • Tekkz –  #1
  • Megabit – #4 
  • Stokes – #5 
  • Dani –  #9 
  • Janoz – #12 
  • Tass – #13 
  • Ebinho –  #16 

Group B:

FIFA.comFIFA eWorld Cup 2019 Group B players, at a glance.

Group B is also made up of just Xbox One players and includes the reigning champion, MsDossary. The Saudi Arabian would be the first ever person to win back-to-back eWorld Cup 2019, should he come out on top in this tournament this year. 

  • MsDossary – #2
  • DaXe – #3
  • NRaseck – #6
  • GoalMachine – #7
  • DullenMike – #10
  • MarcusGomes – #11
  • Rafsou – #14
  • Zidane10 – #15

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Group C:

FIFA.comFIFA eWorld Cup 2019 Group C participants.

Group C includes the best PlayStation 4 FIFA player, Nicolas99fc, and many other top PS players. As we did with the Xbox rankings in Group A and B, we’ve included their current world rankings for PlayStation next to each name. 

  • Nicolas99fc – #1
  • LevVinken – #4
  • MoAuba – #5
  • Tuga810 – #8
  • Unstun – #9
  • Tore – #12
  • DrErhano – #13
  • Marko – #16

Group D: 

FIFA.comFIFA eWorld Cup 2019 Group D participants.

The final group for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 tournament includes just PlayStation players, as the previous did. It might not have the top ranked player on the platform, but that doesn’t mean it’s not just as tough a group to progress in. Let’s take a look. 

  • Maestro – #2
  • Pinna97 – #3
  • Joksan – #6
  • Didychrislito – #7
  • Fifilza – #10
  • RastaArtur – #11
  • Zezinho – #14
  • TheStrxngeR – #15

The whole year of competitive FIFA matches have been building to this moment and while many fans will be leaning towards some of the favorites in finals, such as Tekkz, football is an unpredictable game and we could be in for some big upsets. Stay tuned.