How to vote for FIFA 23’s 12th Man in TOTY

FIFA 23 TOTY awardGraphics: EA SPORTS

FIFA 23’s Team of the Year promo is almost upon and that means we’ll be getting a bumper new set of cards. The 12th Man is also part of that, so here’s everything we know. 

Whenever the calendar turns to January and a new year is rung in, there’s one only thing on FIFA Ultimate Team players’ minds – the release of the annual Team of the Year promo

It’s the promo that delivers the highest-rated cards of the year – well, before Team of the Season comes around – with just a select XI that is voted on by FIFA players. On top of that, EA also drops some nice new packs and objectives as additional content around the promo. 

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Alongside all that, we also have the 12th Man. It’s an additional Team of the Year card that EA releases from a handful of top vote-getters and it should make a return in FIFA 23. Here’s what we know. 

How to vote for TOTY 12th Man in FIFA 23

In terms of voting for the 12th Man card, that’ll likely be done in-game once EA has announced the three finalists for the upgrade. 

Once those players have been confirmed, you’ll simply have to go into Ultimate Team, pick one of the three players when prompted, and you’ll have registered your vote!

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  1. Load up FIFA 23
  2. Launch Ultimate Team
  3. Pick one of the three players that appear as a part of the TOTY 12th Man vote
  4. Collect your loan player and your vote will be cast!

FIFA 23 TOTY 12th Man nominees

FIFA 23 revealed the three TOTY 12th Man nominees on January 23. Players can choose between Manchester City’s Joao Cancelo and Erling Haaland or Real Madrid’s Frederico Valverde.

EA Sports

All eyes will be on striker sensation Haaland, who has scored already scored 25 Premier League goals in 19 games. Allan Shearer currently holds the Premier League record with 34 goals in a season in 1994-95, and Haaland is right on his heels.

Valverde has emerged as one of the best center midfielders in the world, scoring six goals in 2022-23. Finally, Cancelo made an appearance in 36 out of 38 Man City games during the teams league winning campaign in 2021-22.

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