How to turn on FIFA 23’s offside flag indicator

fifa 23 offside flag and mbappeEA SPORTS

EA SPORTS has added a really useful FIFA 23 settings option that allows you to add an offside flag icon over a player’s head during the game to avoid being flagged. Here, we’ll show you how to turn it on.

Deciding to pass to players who are standing in offside positions must be annoying for footballers in real life, and in FIFA 23 where the momentum of a match can shift so quickly, it’s just as important.

Custom tactics and formations will get your lineup playing a certain style of football, but the timing of runs and executing direct passes are the key to any play style. So, EA has added a new offside indicator option in the game’s trainer settings to help us out.

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If you want to avoid being offside or improve your deliveries to attacking runners, this is the guide for you.

How to turn on FIFA 23 offside indicator

Erling Haaland in Manchester City kit in FIFA 23EA SPORTS
Imagine what Erling Haaland would be capable of if he was never offside.

This trick was first found on Reddit by user Glibhat, so credit where credit is due.

  1. Turn on FIFA 23 using your Xbox, PlayStation or PC.
  2. Start a match on any game mode.
  3. Hit the pause button.
  4. Select Trainer Settings and click Offside Indicator.
  5. Activate the Offside Indicator and jump back into the game.

There it is – a simple way to turn on an indicator that, in theory, could save you from making lots of wasteful passes to strikers looking to break through the lines.

Some members of the Ultimate Team community, in particular, have highlighted one annoying setback to the settings change. The change does not always save, meaning you will have to activate the indicator during the game of every match.

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Others have reported that by making the change on the main menu, clicking into settings, and doing it that way will have it remain connected to your player profile. Try it out and let us know on Twitter @DexertoFC!