How to complete FUT Birthday Party Bag SBC in FIFA 20: solution & cost

by David Purcell


EA SPORTS have released anotherversion of the FUT Birthday Party Bag in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team, with players able to unlock the exclusive packs once again for a limited time. The requirements and potential rewards are slightly different, too. 

The game's developers might have taken a little while to announce their annual Birthday event for FUT, but since it kicked off club owners have been more than occupied with a number of different Squad Building Challenges being released, not to mention two star-studded promo teams being added to packs.

Now, they can grab themselves what could be another pack of dreams – another FUT Birthday Party Bag pack. Let's take a look at what to expect inside, requirements for the challenge, cost and solution.


FIFA 20 FUT Birthday Party Bag SBC

New rewards!

The first FUT Birthday Party Bag pack included in the game had one of three guaranteed special cards inside – which were Shapeshifters, Winter Refresh, or a player from FUT Birthday Team 1. However, the SBC available until April 15 is slightly different.

The rewards pack will include one of these three: a guaranteed FUT Birthday player, Future Stars, or Shapeshifter. Winter Refresh are no longer available.

You could see any of these players from FIFA 20's Future Stars Team Two appear in the FUT Birthday Party Bag.


Requirements and cost

In order to get your own Party Bag, all you have to do is complete one Squad Builder and trade it in for the pack. According to the FUTBIN database, without loyalty the SBC can be completed on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC for around 220,000 coins.

Obviously, these prices can change due to fluctuations in the market but as a general guideline, it's usually accurate. Anyway, let's jump into the requirements – which have been altered slightly for the re-release of these packs.

FUT Birthday Party Bag

  • In-form or Moments players: Min 1
  • Squad rating: Min 86
  • Team chemistry: Min 60
  • Number of players in the Squad: 11
  • Reward: FUT Birthday Party Bag pack


How to get FUT Birthday Party Bag pack: SBC solution

Here is the solution we would recommend for FIFA 20's new Party Bag SBC.


As noted, while the Squad Building Challenge might be rather expensive to complete, the rewards do guarantee a promo card from either the sets of Shapeshifters, FUT Birthday or Future Stars, so good luck! Just one of those could be worth hundreds of thousands in-game, if you get the right one.

There are a number of other SBCs to dig through in FIFA 20 right now, and we have guides for a whole bunch of them. These include: Rodrigo Moreno, Steven Bergwijn, and more.

There you have it! That's how you can get the new FUT Birthday Party Bag pack in FIFA 20. Act fast, though, because they're not going to be around forever. If you get somebody amazing from the rewards, tweet us @UltimateTeamUK so we can take a look!