How to complete FIFA 23 ‘A Better Buildup’ SBC: Price, solutions, & bug fix

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The ‘A Better Buildup’ SBC looks easy to complete at first glance, but a bug makes it a far more cumbersome task. Fortunately, there is an easy workaround, so here’s everything you need to know.

FIFA 23 officially launches on September 30, but the Web App launched on September 21 for ultra-dedicated Ultimate Team players. The Web app allows players to open packs, build teams, and complete Squad Building Challenges (SBC).

EA stocked the SBC section full of quick and easy tasks to help acclimate users to the new chemistry system and provide players with an easy way to improve their squads.

However, a bug for the ‘A Better Buildup’ SBC as part of the Foundations III set makes it impossible to complete. If you are desperately searching for answers, you have come to the right place.

‘A Better Buildup’ SBC Price and bug description

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SBCs are a perfect way to start building your FIFA Ultimate Team.

The SBC costs a measly 600 coins, but the glitch makes it more difficult than face value.

Three center midfielders are required to complete the SBC, but the middle CM position is actually incorrectly labelled. Without the bug fix, the game will only register the correct price if a CDM position is used.

How to fix bug and SBC Solutions

Here is how to fix the bug so that FIFA 23 will accept the correct players to unlock the SBC.

  1. Buy a bronze CDM that will give you one chemistry point
  2. Place the CDM on your bench and then place him in the center CM spot and hit submit
  3. If done fast enough, the SBC should be completed

After following the steps above for the bugged center CM spot, any three bronze CM will work.

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