How to complete FIFA 22 Conor Gallagher Future Stars token SBC

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A brand new FIFA 22 Future Stars SBC has arrived for Crystal Palace midfielder Conor Gallagher. Here’s how to complete it, with the full list of requirements.

FIFA’s Future Stars promo happens each year right after Team of the Year, and improves the stats on some of the most promising young players in the world.

This SBC is for Conor Gallagher, who’s currently on a one-year loan to Palace from Chelsea. It gives the young player a massive boost from his 74 OVR for his regular silver card to 89 OVR here. In addition, he sees double-digit increases to every single stat.

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Let’s take a look at the full stats, before going over the full requirements and solutions.

FIFA 22 Gallagher Future Stars SBC

Gallagher Future Stars in-game stats

Gallagher’s Future Stars SBC is a big upgrade from his In Form card too.

How to complete FIFA 22 Gallagher Future Stars SBC

Unlike most other SBCs, this requires Future Stars tokens to complete, not different squads of players to turn in.

You’ll need to turn in two sets of 10 tokens apiece – a total of 20 – to unlock this card. Tokens are available by completing various Future Stars SBCs and Objectives.

Conor Gallagher I
  • Exchange 10 Future Stars Tokens
  • Reward: 100 FUT Coins
Conor Gallagher II
  • Exchange 10 Future Stars Tokens
  • Reward: 100 FUT Coins

The best part of this SBC is that Gallagher shouldn’t cost you any FUT Coins to unlock, given you have enough tokens.

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If you still need to collect tokens, you might need to spend some to complete another SBC or Objective, but the Palace player himself won’t cost you anything, just like all the other Token SBCs for FIFA 22’s Future Stars event.

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