How to complete FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Icon & Moments Upgrade SBCs

by Connor Bennett


Now is the chance to get an Icon card for cheap in FIFA 20 Ultimate Team thanks to the Icon Upgrade and Icon Moments Upgrade Squad Building Challenges. Here’s what you need to know. 

Even though the FIFA 20 cycle is almost its endpoint, and players will be making the move to FIFA 21 soon enough, EA SPORTS are keeping their game updated with new content – especially for Ultimate Team. 


In the last few weeks, they’ve released transferred cards so you can get an early look at how teams will shape up next season and they’ve even made it possible to get FIFA 21 rewards through playing games of FIFA 20. 

Though, if you really want to sign off the FIFA 20 year in style, you can spend whatever coins you have left in order to get your hands on an ICON or two with some new SBCs. 


EA Sports
Icons are some of the most sought after cards in FIFA Ultimate Team.

FUT 20 Icon Upgrade & Icon Moments Upgrade SBC

That’s right, if you’ve got a nice bit of change left in your FUT wallet, EA have dropped two Squad Building Challenges in the form of Icon Upgrade and Icon Moments Upgrade. 

These two tasks will reward you with an Icon – be it a base version with Icon Upgrade or an Icon moments version with the Icon Moments Upgrade SBC – it just depends on just how many coins you’ve got leftover as to which one you can do.

So, without any further adieu, here are the requirements that each task needs:


Icon Upgrade SBC requirements: 

    • 83-rated Squad – Min 83 Squad Rating, Min 60 Team Chemistry
    • 84-rated Squad – Min 1 TOTSSF/TOTW/TOTW Moments card, Min 84 Squad Rating, Min 50 Team Chemistry

Icon Moments Upgrade SBC requirements:

    • 85-rated Squad – Min 1 TOTSSF/TOTW/TOTW Moments card, Min 85 Squad Rating, Min 60 Team Chemistry
    • 86-rated Squad – Min 86 Squad Rating, Min 50 Team Chemistry

Icon Upgrade SBC price & solution

So, circling back to the cost of these SBCs, neither are that cheap but the Icon Upgrade is a bit cheaper than Icon Moments because you’re not guaranteed one of the top class Icons. 


According to FUTBin, this SBC will cost around 216,000 coins on Xbox, 206,000 coins on PS4, and 240,000 coins for Origin on PC Players. However, we’ve got some solutions that should get you under that price. 


Icon Moment Upgrade SBC price & solution

Switching focus back to the Icon Moments Upgrade SBC, you aren’t going to have to push the boat out that much compared to the 200k or so that the other SBC should cost.

According to FUTBin, it only costs 299,000 coins to complete on Xbox, 318,000 coins on PS4, and 320,000 coins for Origin on PC Players. Anyway, here are a few cheap solutions for this Squad Building Challenge.


Now, if you’re eying up the challenges because you’ve got the coins needed to complete them, you don’t have long left. Both challenges expire on September 11, so act fast.

If you do complete them, be sure to let us know which Icon card you end up packing by tweeting over @UltimateTeamUK.