How to change goal net colors in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

Published: 12/Nov/2020 21:08

by Nate Searl


EA SPORTS offers a variety of customization options in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, including what color your goal net is. Here’s how you can change your net to the color you like best. 

To get your perfect stadium in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team, you have several customization options. Changing the color of your goal net is a great way to match up all your stadium colors to the theme of your choice.

Here’s how you can change your net color and further swag out your stadium.

How to change the color of your goal net

You can’t immediately change your net color. First, you need to complete the Stadium Development objectives in the “Milestones” category. Doing this will unlock the Stadium Development II objectives. Once you’ve unlocked these, you need to complete 20 matches in any FUT Game Mode. This will unlock the option to change your net color along with rewarding you with two random net colors.

Once you have goal net colors unlocked, you can successfully change the color of your net in a few easy steps:

  1. On the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team menu, hold up on your left thumbstick to get to the Stadium menu
  2. Navigate to the Structure option on the far right
  3. Select “Goal Colours”
  4. Choose one of the colors you own
FIFA 21 Goal net colors
The Stadium Menu in FIFA 21

You can change the color of your net as many times as you want, so be sure to experiment.

Acquiring different net colors

You will get two random net colors as a reward for unlocking them, but there are other ways to get the colors you’d like, as well. The easiest way is by searching the transfer market for the color you want.

To search for net colors, follow these steps:

  • Go to the transfer market
  • Go to the “Stadium” tab
  • Change Stadium Category to “Structure”
  • Change Club Item Type to “Goal Net Colours”

Once you have these filters set, you can browse and select from the different options.

You can also get different colors from opening Gold packs. All net colors are gold cards, so you will not get them from Silver or Bronze packs. Be sure to keep an eye out for the colors you like!


How to complete FIFA 21’s Youcef Atal Road to the Final SBC

Published: 10/Nov/2020 19:30

by Nate Searl


The Europa League Road to the Final promo is live in FIFA 21, and there’s a new SBC featuring Youcef Atal from OGC Nice. Here’s how you can complete the SBC to earn the card for yourself. 

The first Squad Building Challenge for the Europa League Road to the Final promo is live featuring Yousef Atal, the Algerian RB from French club OGC Nice. As with all RTTF cards, he will receive live performance-based updates throughout the UEL.

Here’s more about his new card along with how to complete the SBC to earn it.

FIFA 21 Atal Road to the Final in-game stats

FIFA 21 Atal Road to the Final SBC
Atal gets a nice upgrade for his RTTF card

Atal has some big upgrades from his 79-overall gold card. His pace goes up from 91 to 94, which is big as an RB. His shooting, passing, physical, and dribbling stats all get noticeable increases as well. An 83 balance stat really helps him out while defending.

The biggest improvement, however, is his defense, which goes from 72 to 77. As an RB, having a good defense is mandatory. An 81 standing tackle and 80 slide tackle should help him win the ball back in key moments.

Youcef Atal SBC

You will only need to complete one challenge to unlock Atal. Here’s what it is, the solution, and how much it will cost you.


  • Number of players from Ligue 1: Min. 1
  • TOTW Players: Min. 1
  • Squad Rating: Min. 83
  • Team Chemistry: Min. 80
  • Number of players in the squad: 11


How to complete the Atal SBC

This solution doesn’t require any loyalty or position changes and should cost you around 27,000 FUT coins.

Is the Atal SBC worth doing?

Atal’s stats make him a competitive option as an RB. Since he plays for OGC Nice, he also gets good chemistry links with other players in the French league. So, if you’re looking for a good Ligue 1 RB, this challenge is well worth completing. Since he’s from Algeria, however, he doesn’t form many good chemistry links outside of that competition.

Make your choice fast, as the SBC expires on November 17 and you won’t be able to get the card in the future!