How to activate FIFA 21 playtime tracking & FUT Pack spend limits

Andrew Amos
FIFA 21 Playtime tracking header

EA has added helpful new features into FIFA 21 to help players track their playtime and spending in-game. If you want to enable these for yourself, we’ve got everything you need to know.

EA’s history of microtransactions is well documented. There are thousands of stories out there of players who have spent too much on FIFA Ultimate Team, only to regret it.

Thankfully, the developers have implemented a new setting to track how much players play and spend on FIFA 21. Here’s how you can turn them all on.

FIFA 21 Playtime Tracking tool
The FIFA 21 playtime tracking tool monitors how much time and money you spend in-game.

How to turn on FIFA 21 playtime tracking & limits

The FIFA 21 playtime tracking tool allows you to see how much you’ve been playing. It logs both hours spent in game, as well as the total number of matches played.

You can set a weekly limit which regulates exactly how many games you can play. The ticker resets at midnight Sunday GMT every week. You’ll have to turn on some privacy filters, however.

  1. Navigate to the Customise tab on the main menu screen.
  2. Open up the Playtime menu.
  3. Turn on “Share Playtime Usage Data.” The game will now track how much you play.
  4. If you want to turn on limits, you can edit the values in the Playtime menu under “Match Limits.”

How to turn on FIFA 21 FUT Packs & Points spend limits

Much like the playtime tracking tool, the FIFA 21 FUT Packs and Points spending limit option gives players more control over how much money they put into the game on a weekly basis.

Instead of just the one customizable setting, there’s now two. You can choose to limit how many packs you buy with Coins or Points every week, as well as how many Points you buy with real life cash.

  1. Open up FIFA Ultimate Team.
  2. Navigate to the Options menu with the three horizontal bars at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Open up the Playtime menu.
  4. Choose what you’d like to edit your Pack and FIFA Points limits to.
  5. Save your options, and start playing.

While you do have to share some more of your data with EA, the option is great peace of mind for players who do struggle with keeping their playtime and spending down. It’s also great for parents to regulate how much their kids play.