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Handy FIFA 20 trick could help you win more FUT Champs games

Published: 7/Sep/2020 12:16

by Jacob Hale


A FIFA player has discovered a handy trick that has been helping them win more FUT Champions games, and it’s so easy that literally anybody could do it.

FUT Champs is the peak of competition for most FIFA players. You grind all week to make sure your team and ability is in top shape, then hope you can string together 30 wins to earn the best rewards possible.

Of course, this is so much easier said than done. Unless you’re a pro, you’re probably not often getting close to 30 wins every weekend — but this tip could help you get that little bit closer.


Kylian Mbappe PSG FIFA 21
This trick apparently works in FIFA 21, too.

This trick doesn’t involve buying certain players, changing your formation or adopting new tactics. Instead, there’s a setting you can change on your console, and FIFA player FerociouZ swears by it, saying it’s boosted the number of wins he gets quite a lot.

This console setting apparently “speeds up the game,” reducing the demand on the console to stop holding back the gameplay itself, which is something many players in competitive shooters do too to reduce the load on their console or PC.

Here’s how you can change the settings on console to mimic Ferociouz’s, and find out for yourself whether it really works.


  1. Go to the Settings in your Xbox or PS4 console.
  2. Head to the General (Xbox One) or Sound and Screen (PS4) tab.
  3. Click on TV & Display Options (Xbox One) or Video Output Settings (PS4).
  4. Select resolution, and set it to 720p.

One tip which took me from consistent 22/23 wins to consistent 26/27. from r/FIFA

Of course, this isn’t a definitive way to guarantee more wins, and perhaps it’s just placebo, but if you’re regularly playing FIFA and want to up your chances of winning, this might be worth trying out and seeing if it works for you.

FerociouZ also pointed out that this doesn’t seem to work in the same way on Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, perhaps because they have higher capabilities as is, so this might not work as well if you’re on the upgraded console versions.

He did mention, though, that this should work on FIFA 21, too — so you might get off to a good start if you find this setting helps.