FUT ICON Marc Overmars removed from FIFA 22 following harassment allegations

marc overmars icon cardsEA Sports

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team players will be unable to get Dutch ICON Marc Overmars in packs or in Drafts going forward as the legendary forward is facing a number of sexual harassment allegations at Ajax.

To their credit, EA are never shy to act when it comes to real-life circumstances surrounding football. If a player unexpectedly passes away, their cards are removed from the game out of respect for the player.

Similarly, if a player does something inappropriate or out of line, then EA are quick to reprimand them by taking their cards out of circulation — as was the case with Mason Greenwood. Recent allegations surrounding Marc Overmars have left EA with no choice it seems but to expel any new versions of the European footballing legend’s cards from FIFA Ultimate Team.

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EA SPORTS make big call over Marc Overmars

Allegations have been made that Marc Overmars was sending inappropriate messages to female members of staff associated with Ajax. These harassment claims have not fallen on deaf ears, and Overmars has subsequently stepped down from his role as Director of Football Affairs at Ajax.

In response to the allegations, Marc Overmars issued a statement: “I am ashamed. I didn’t realize that I was crossing the line with this, that was made clear to me in recent days. I apologize. For someone in my position, this behavior is unacceptable. It’s too late. I see no other option but to leave Ajax.”

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The knock-on effect for FIFA 22 was seemingly confirmed in a tweet from very reputable FIFA 22 Ultimate Team source FUTSheriff: “Marc Overmars will be SUSPENDED from Ultimate Team due to the Harassment allegations against him that took him out of the Ajax Board. He will be removed from Packs and Drafts.”

Although EA hasn’t released an official statement as yet, FUTSheriff regularly posts leaks about upcoming SBCs and insider information that usually turns out to be true.

Presumably, anyone who already owns a version of his ICON card will retain possession of the card for use. But, going forward, any of his Base, Mid, or Prime ICON cards will not be available to obtain in FIFA packs. Furthermore, when a player attempts to create a Draft squad, none of these cards will appear for selection.

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Given that these are allegations and no official verdict has been reached, there’s always the possibility of the former player’s status being reinstated in FIFA 22.