FIFA streamer RunTheFUTMarket slams Twitch after "long-term" DMCA ban - Dexerto

FIFA streamer RunTheFUTMarket slams Twitch after “long-term” DMCA ban

Published: 28/Jul/2021 18:40

by David Purcell


RunTheFUTMarket fans will have been waiting patiently for his return to streaming on Twitch, but Nick Bartel didn’t waste any time giving them a piece of his mind after his “long-term” DMCA ban on the platform lifted.

His latest statement comes just two days after being struck with a DMCA ban on Twitch, for watching Tokyo Olympic Games highlights with his audience.

As one of the biggest FIFA Ultimate Team streamers out there, this sent shockwaves throughout the community, with his subscribers wondering when his channel will once again be active. When searching for his streams, they were hit with a warning message: “Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable.”


On July 28, though, the content creator slammed how long the ban lasted – after his channel was opened back up.

RunTheFUTMarket calls for “consistency” from Twitch

With so much FIFA 22 news dripping out, it’s bad timing for a Twitch ban.

He tweeted a statement that reads: “I have made it clear to Twitch already that I am sick and tired of this inconsistent treatment that other streamers also suffer from on this site.

“I see that my strike was caused by DMCA and not Twitch, however, I am still livid with this long-term ban sentence while other colleagues on the site with similar or higher view counts watch Olympic re-runs for days on the same YouTube channel.”

He goes on to call for greater consistency in the future from Twitch, adding:” “What this ban represents now at about a two day ban mark, to me, versus the treatment I see some others getting after vile actions and disgusting promotion that result in one-day bans or even no repercussions.”


Social media reaction

RunTheFUTMarket’s social media has been flooded with messages from fans and streamers alike, since the ban.

Another high profile YouTuber and Esports athlete, Mike LaBelle, replied with a similar sentiment: “Consistency in communication is more than a fair request. I’ve found myself constantly on stream asking the chat ‘can I watch this?’ ‘Does anyone know?'”

Complexity COO Kyle Bautista chimed in: “Sorry to hear that you got banned! The DMCA system is flawed, outdated, and frustrating, and due to poor implementation across IP holders and manual strike notices, it can come off as very inconsistent, though Twitch has to enforce every strike.”


The suspension lasted two days and his channel has since been re-opened.