FIFA pros furious after having to decide game with Rock-Paper-Scissors

Andrew Amos
EA Sports

The FUT Champions Cup Stage 5 Phase 2 qualifiers this weekend were marred by controversy, as server issues led to crucial fixtures being decided by the age-old game of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

The FUT Champions Cup is one of FIFA’s most prestigious events, with pros from all around the world looking to qualify through the online qualifiers to earn points towards the eWorld Cup.

With qualifiers set to run online for the Champions Cup, issues pop up from time to time. However, instead of choosing to delay the tournament on February 29 when problems arose during the Phase 2 qualifiers, EA decided to press on.

Tekkz with trophy after winning FUT Champions Cup Stage 1
EA Sports
Winning the FUT Champions Cup is one of the ways pro FIFA players can qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup.

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The issues persisted throughout the weekend’s action, until the crisis came to a head in a match between Shaun ‘Brandsha’ Galea and Hasan Eker. With both sitting at 2-1 in the Swiss bracket, their match-up was a must win to try and make the top 16 to progress to the next stage.

However, with matchmaking being patchy, the two players were unable to find each other in-game before the next round needed to start. Looking to speed up the bracket instead of fixing the issues, the admins called on the two players to play a game of rock-paper-scissors.

“I can’t believe it,” said Brandsha. “We literally had to play a rock-paper-scissors [game] because we couldn’t find each other to invite in an EA Licensed Qualifier. I am done.”

Brandsha lost to Eker in rock-paper-scissors, knocking down to 2-2 in the Swiss bracket and all but stopping his FCC campaign. “At least you are good in rock-paper-scissors bro,” joked Brandsha after ‘congratulating’ Eker for the win.

The FIFA servers have gone offline numerous times in the last week, including during the qualifiers for Phase 2.

Over the last four days, players have been unable to connect to matchmaking at least once a day, impacting not just regular FUT matches, but major tournaments.

Brandsha was not the only pro to call EA out for connection issues during the FUT Champions Cup qualifiers. Australian player Jamie O’Doherty said some players were abusing a glitch causing their opponents to lag out.

“I honestly have no words anymore to describe the absolute incompetence of this esport at times,” he said in a March 1 statement. “We put countless hours and thousands of dollars into this game to be able to compete and it all gets thrown back in your face like this.”

The Phase 2 qualifiers for FUT Champions Cup V gave players a shot at making it to Bucharest, Romania, next month for the playoffs. With bunches of points on the line for the FIFA eWorld Cup, performing well in FCC is one of the best ways to secure a spot come August.

The FUT Champions Cup V playoffs start on April 3.