FIFA pro RocKy swatted after threat from Twitch viewer

FIFA pro RocKy sat at desk with headphones on in light hoodieInstagram: corentinchevrey

French FIFA pro Coretnin ‘RocKy’ Chevrey has revealed that he and his family were swatted in the early hours of January 11 after someone filed a false report on him. 

Over the last few years, it’s become increasingly common to see content creators and esports athletes swatted whilst they’re live on stream playing games. 

These calls are made by trolls and hoaxers who are looking to put the streamer in a dangerous situation by having the police’s highest response possible smash into their homes under false pretenses. This has led to numerous streamers having conversations with SWAT teams live on camera. 

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Sometimes, though, they don’t even have to be live for the SWAT team to take action. FIFA pro RocKy has revealed he was targeted in the early hours of January 11, shortly after ending a Twitch stream.

French FIFA star RocKy swatted in early hours of January 11

The FIFA star, who represents Team Vitality in his native land, revealed that he’d been the target of a swatting at 4:30 am on January 11. 

“10 people showing up with shields and assault rifles at my house because someone called pretending to be me saying I cut my girlfriend’s throat, that I’m armed and ready to shoot everyone,” Chevrey said. 

The Team Vitality member also noted that his dad’s home was targeted and that his door was broken down as he didn’t answer. “The son of a bitch who did this, I hope for you that they don’t find you because you’re going to pay big,” he added. 

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Plenty of fans and fellow players offered their sympathies and support to the FIFA star, calling the swatting “horrible” and “shocking.”

A few eagle-eyed fans noted that one member of his chat had, seemingly, called that he was going to be swatted right before it happened.

The act of prompting a swatting is illegal in the United States as trolls can be liable to pay damages to both the police and the target of the raid. The laws are not quite the same in Europe.