FIFA 22 player’s butt dial spends 100,000 FUT Coins on stadium upgrades

One unfortunate FIFA 22 player logged into Ultimate Team only to discover that they had accidentally spent 100,000 FUT Coins on stadium upgrades.

The FIFA 22 mobile app allows players to secure SBC rewards, manage their squad, purchase upgrades, and do practically everything else except playing matches.

While convenient, it does include a risk that doesn’t come with logging in on PC or console: the dreaded butt dial. As one player found out, it’s not wise to leave the app open and your phone unlocked.

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FIFA 22 player spends 100,000 FUT Coins accidentally

This unfortunate event happened all because Reddit user shoeflyshoe left the app open and put their phone in their pocket. Seriously, that’s it.

“I didn’t lock my phone, and my leg proceeded to waste 100,000 coins on stadium upgrades,” they revealed, sharing it as a cautionary tale for any player who uses the app.

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Despite not being able to afford the Winter Wildcard Pogba they had been saving up for anymore, at least it wasn’t a total loss. They now have some “Kool” seasonal stadium swag to flex on all of their opponents with.

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“Honestly, it all looks really cool lol. I would NOT have spent all those coins on this,” they admitted. “I was saving up for WW Pogba.”

Pogba’s Winter Wildcard player item is probably a better investment in the long run than stadium upgrades.

Despite this unfortunate setback, they could still unlock Pogba if they can scrape together enough coins. If they do, he’ll definitely be looking good in that expensive new kit, too.

After accidentally dropping 100K FUT Coins (roughly $5), we wouldn’t blame this player if they decide to never buy cosmetics in FIFA 22 again. Either way, they’ll definitely be more careful with their mobile app from now on.

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