FIFA 23’s gameplay trailer has two very familiar glitches in it

fifa 23 mason mountEA SPORTS

EA SPORTS has revealed the first FIFA 23 gameplay trailer and eagle-eyed players have spotted two really familiar glitches already.

A number of official details have been revealed by the game’s developers so far, promising this final game in the FIFA series – before the rebrand to EA SPORTS FC – will go out with a bang.

Juventus are back as a licensed team, Claudio Marchisio is coming as a FUT Hero in Ultimate Team, and Hypermotion has evolved once again with a boatload of new animations.

On July 27, a full gameplay showcase video was rolled out, giving fans a glimpse of what’s changing for the newest release.

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However, some members of the community have looked beyond the feature tweaks and unearthed some funny bugs that are featured in the trailer.

Sitting at the top of the FIFA subreddit is a post from Raks-, which shows a player affected by the famous ‘T Pose’ glitch in the background.

This has featured in previous installments, with clips of players standing at the halfway line – seemingly in a trance – going viral. If it wasn’t famous already, it is now after making the final cut of the trailer.

Moving onto the second glitch that players found, it was one affecting goalkeepers.

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When FIFA first made the transition to Hypermotion on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, a number of gamers spotted some strange animations for goalkeepers, making it look as if their arms had broken mid-dive.

Well, you guessed it – that’s also been found in the trailer.

These are, of course, playful takes from soon-to-be FIFA 23 players, who will be hoping any gameplay bugs (such as those seen in the showcase) are sorted before it releases this September.

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