FIFA 23 update 6 patch notes: Massive stamina & free-kick changes in Ultimate Team

Virgil Van Dijk and Salah in FIFA 23 next to patch notes textGraphics: EA SPORTS

EA SPORTS have revealed the patch notes for FIFA 23 update 6, which makes huge changes to stamina and brings quick free-kicks back to the fold. 

FIFA 23 has undergone quite a few changes over the last few months, with EA constantly tuning gameplay and adding new content to modes like Ultimate Team and VOLTA. 

The most recent big change saw the arrival of the World Cup mode, and while the annual tournament has come to an end, you can still try and claim glory for your nation in the specific mode. 

Now, EA have readied their next big change in the form of Update 6, with the new patch tackling stamina in Ultimate Team for those who use Constant Pressure tactics, as well as bringing back quick free-kicks. 

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FIFA 23 Constant Pressure tactics tweaked

That’s right, if you’re one of those FUT players that likes to get in your opponent’s face by using Constant Pressure tactics, you’re going to see a change in the stamina of your players. 

In their sixth update, EA have confirmed that changed the “Stamina Decay by 11.7% for Constant Pressure, Press After Possession Loss, and Press On Heavy Touch Defensive Custom Tactics.”

This means that using these tactics should, in theory, be able to get in the opposition’s face more often as players won’t lose stamina as fast as they previously did. 

Trent Alexander-Arnold taking free-kick in the rain in FIFA 23Graphics: EA SPORTS
Free-kicks can now be taken in a more timely manner.

FIFA 23 quick-free kicks returns

The other big change, as we’ve noted, comes to quick free-kicks. In some instances, players had lost the ability to lose a quick free-kick to get an advantage over opponents that had overcommitted. 

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Well, EA has now brought them back, and players will have that option again in certain situations. Though, you’ve still got to wait for the referee’s whistle. 

You can find the complete patch notes for FIFA 23 Update 6 below: 

FIFA 23 Patch Notes for Update 6:

FIFA Ultimate Team

Made the following change:

  • Added a View Help button callout to the FUT Main Menu, Transfer Market Menu, Match Pause Screen, and when entry into FUT isn’t possible.
    • The View Help button callout displays a short message and a QR code that leads to EA Help pages related to the game area players scan it from.
    • This button callout will be activated through a Server Release in the near future.
  • Added a Profile Tab to the Player Details view for some types of Player Items.

Addressed the following issues:

  • The radar could sometimes disappear during matches.


Made the following changes:

  • When playing against a team using Constant Pressure, your AI teammates will attempt to more actively provide shorter passing options.
  • When a CPU-controlled defending player applies Constant Pressure to the ball carrier but does not win the ball back, they can take longer to track back.
    • This has no impact on human-controlled players.
  • Decreased Stamina Decay by 11.7% for Constant Pressure, Press After Possession Loss, and Press On Heavy Touch Defensive Custom Tactics.
  • In some cases, ball carriers are now more likely to maintain possession of the ball when pressured from behind by a defender.

Addressed the following issues:

  • When chasing Lofted Through Passes, defenders could incorrectly slow down at times.
  • Addressed further instances of the ball unintentionally falling back to the attacking player after a defender makes a tackle.
  • During kickoffs, teams with a high defensive line could push up too closely to the center of the pitch.
  • In some cases, using Player Lock when playing with customized controls could result in unwanted requests being performed.
  • When locking to a player without the ball, the CPU ball carrier could perform unwanted Skill Moves or passes.
  • Addressed instances of some animations not playing correctly when there is physical contact between two players.
  • In some cases, a quick free kick could not be taken and transitioned to a traditional free kick. – FIFA 23 Title Update 6 Patch Notes
  • Sometimes, a Semi-Assisted Through Pass could incorrectly be hit out of play.
  • Removed heading animations that could unnecessarily occur when a player was requested to perform a header but was not in contention for the ball.
  • In some specific situations, the CPU AI could not win the ball back if the human-controlled player was shielding the ball.
  • Further addressed instances of ball carriers running over the ball when making a dribble.
  • In some cases, CPU AI goalkeepers could perform an unintentionally poor pass from a goal kick.
  • In rare situations, after receiving a pass, the ball carrier could have become momentarily unresponsive.
  • Improved referee logic when making foul decisions in situations where the offending player quickly moved away from the ball carrier.
  • Improved referee logic when making foul decisions regarding slide tackles.

FIFA World Cup™ – FIFA 23 Title Update 6 Patch Notes

Addressed the following issues:

  • Sometimes, in the FIFA World Cup™ Live Your World Cup mode, unplayed matches incorrectly had match results.
  • Sometimes, in the FIFA World Cup™ Live Your World Cup mode, starting lineups were incorrect.
  • Replaced the Play New Final option with a Restart Final option following the conclusion of a Featured Quickplay Grand Final match.
  • An incorrect ball could be used in some matches.

General, Audio, and Visual – FIFA 23 Title Update 6 Patch Notes

Made the following change:

  • Updated some, balls, UI elements, custom managers, starheads, kits, tattoos, boots, gloves, facial hair, badges, stadiums, pitch trophies, VIP Areas, mascots, TIFOs, stadium themes, Skill Move descriptions, and ad boards.

Addressed the following issues:

  • [PC Only] Addressed some instances of EA anti-cheat not installing or updating correctly.
  • [Xbox Series S Only] Made improvements to the visual fidelity in certain situations.
  • In some cases, in Kick Off, custom controller settings could reset to default. – FIFA 23 Title Update 6 Patch Notes
  • Known issue under investigation on the EASF Tracker: If Playtime Match Limits are set and reached, the message delivering this information could not be closed.
    • Workaround: Close and restart FIFA 23.