How to do FIFA 23 power shots: Step-by-step shooting guide

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EA SPORTS has added a new high-risk, high-reward shooting mechanic. Here, we’ll show you how to perform the power shot in FIFA 23.

The developers revealed a gameplay deep dive on July 27, going over all the new changes coming in FIFA 23. most notably, set pieces, skill moves, and defending received overhauls.

This is the last installment before the series undergoes a rebranding to EA SPORTS FC. Players are expecting the developers to go out with a bang and make it a game to remember.

With that being said, power shots could mark a massive change in how players approach attacking. Let’s see how it works…

Power shot FIFAEA Sports
The power shot is a new addition to FIFA 23.

What are power shots in FIFA 23?

EA describes power shots as a shot that add accuracy and power, at the cost of time and more input precision.

FIFA 21 added timed finishing, and the mechanic acts similarly. Players shoot more accurately and score from tighter angles at the cost of precision button presses.

Timed finishing was a complex skill to master, but if perfectly executed it will massively raise your chance of scoring goals. Power shots may be hard to learn at first, but the reward will most likely be worth it.

How to do a power shot in FIFA 23

To perform a power shot, press L1+R1+O on Playstation controllers and LB+RB+B on Xbox controllers.

However, EA warns that plenty of space around the ball carrier is usually needed, as the shot requires a windup.

Power shots rely heavily on accurate aiming, so players must aim more precisely than a regular assisted shot. EA stated: “Our intent with the addition of the power shots is to introduce an additional layer of skill to shooting.”

What does a FIFA 23 power shot look like?

EA shared a video of the power shot in action, which looks devastating if pulled off correctly.

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