FIFA 23 players slam EA for “shameful” World Cup Swaps restrictions

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FIFA 23’s World Cup Swaps promo is in full swing, but a new roadblock frustrated community members.

FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps allows players to earn Qatar 2022-themed rewards by completing particular objectives. From November 11 until December 23, players can earn up to 50 Swaps tokens in total. Some of the best rewards include Patrick Vieira, Cafu, and a World Cup Icon Player Pick pack.

Players earn Swaps tokens by completing SBCs and objectives and buying select packs. EA also celebrated the FIFA World Cup by releasing a Road to the World Cup promo team, new Fut Heroes, and Path to Glory cards.

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With even more content scheduled, FIFA 23 players have their hands full. The FIFA World Cup Swaps online friendlies match gave players an easy way to earn Swaps tokens, but EA controversially bogged down the unlock process.

The FIFA 23 World Cup Swaps Online Friendlies game mode received an hourly restriction.

FIFA 23 players stunned over FIFA World Cup Swaps hourly limit

Earning World Cup Swaps Token requires players to win games with teams featuring World Cup-themed cards from each representing nation. For example, winning six Live FUT Friendly FIFA World Cup Swaps games with at least six Dutch World Cup players awards one token.

The game mode has a feature that makes each match a golden goal, meaning the first goal wins, and the rule set makes unlocking tokens easier.

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However, on November 28, EA added a 10-game hourly limit on the FIFA World Cup Swaps Online Friendlies game mode. FIFA 23 players noticed the change and voiced their frustrations on Reddit.

One player responded, “Well makes getting swaps done harder for me. I’m not the best, and just running game after game helped a little, dang.”

A second user added, “This is the most stupid thing ever – if you’re making it golden goal, by their own rules, there shouldn’t be a limit to how many games you can play?”

The general consensus was negative, as a third user chimed in, “wow, this is actually horrible.”

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Some community members believe EA implemented the restrictions to fix an issue that banned accounts from playing the game mode too many consecutive times. If that’s the case, the developer’s decision failed to leave a good impression on players.