Simple FIFA 23 trick shows you how to take a perfect corner

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FIFA 23 introduced a new set-piece system, which may appear complicated at first glance. However, a player found an easy trick to take the perfect corner.

The early days of new FIFA games are always exciting. With the slate wiped clean, players start a new journey trying to discover what works and doesn’t work. Everything feels new and fresh, whether that be the best formation, best players, or learning new mechanics.

FIFA 23 is no different, introducing a wide array of new features and mechanics that will take time to get used to. Unveiling a new meta requires trying everything and anything until something sticks.

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One player didn’t take long to master FIFA 23’s new set-piece system and discover the perfect corner kick.

FIFA 23 player taking free kickEA Sports
Set pieces have been completely overhauled to give players more control.

How to take corners in FIFA 23

Reddit user pipkillborn posted a clip scoring a miraculous goal directly from a corner.

FIFA 23 removes the circle method of aiming and replaces it with a line that shows where the ball will travel over the first few yards. The left stick dictates the direction, and the right stick adjusts the height and type of delivery.

Here are the steps for taking a corner in FIFA 23:

  1. Use the left stick to choose a direction
  2. Choose a cross by applying spin with the right stick
  3. Hold the cross button to power up the cross

A player revealed the secret behind their corner kick; “Ideally 3.5 bars powers, in swinger, aim inside the six-yard box.”

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An in-swinger requires you to use a left-footed player on the near side of the pitch and a right-footed player on the far side.

A second user substantiated the claim, saying, “The aim is surprisingly consistent, so if you find a good angle/power that works for you, it is a real tool to deal with out-of-position keepers.”

Players in FUT often manually move their goalkeepers near the penalty mark during corner kicks, so this method has the potential of being the perfect counter.