FIFA 23 FUT chemistry calculator: How to get more team & player chem

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FIFA 23 chemistry has changed in Ultimate Team and if you want to know how to get more chemistry, for team or players, you’ve come to the right place.

Figuring out how chemistry works in FIFA 23 has been a challenge for lots of Ultimate Team players, no question about it.

The age-old system of players of similar nationality and league standing alongside each other to boost chem has been scrapped, in favor of a Madden-style alternative.

If you can’t get your head around it – or want a reminder while building a new team – here’s how it works.

FIFA 23 chemistry system explained

All players in the starting lineup can now boost groups of chemistry, rather than strong or weak links between individual cards. The maximum chemistry you can get is 33/33 in-game, replacing the old 100 chemistry system.

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In an exclusive interview with Dexerto, an EA developer told us why the chemistry was changed, citing the possibility of more hybrid teams.

How to increase chemistry

Here is how the calculator appears in FIFA 23 (as seen on the left side of the screen).

By adding groups of players with the same nation, league, and club, your chemistry will increase in batches. These batches appear as dots and diamonds in the menu screen. A dot is one point towards building a diamond.

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Use the chemistry calculator on the left side of the screen to get as many strong links as you can.

To increase your chemistry, you need to fill as many dots as you can by adding players contributing to the total. Above, you can see it highlights increases in green as you’re working it out, and red for decreases (here I was subbing out Romero for Diego Carlos).

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If you have a full diamond’s worth of Premier League links from seven players, for argument’s sake, that leaves you with a chance to build chemistry for another league or nation with your remaining slots in the starting lineup. Maybe the resulting four players will be from Barcelona, which would give you strong club links, league links, and possibly some nation links (if they are from the same country).

This system allows teams to not be tied down to specific leagues and without the limits of specific links, it is easier to create a flexible hybrid.

How to get full chemistry in FIFA 23: Calculator

To increase your chemistry in Ultimate Team, there are three possible combination – depending on whether you’re connecting players from the same club, nation, or league.

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Perfect chem combinations

Maximum chemistry can be achieved through these combinations:

  • Club: 2x players on 1 chemistry, 5x players on 2 chemistry, 7x players on 3 chemistry
  • Nation: 2x players on 1 chemistry, 5x players on 2 chemistry, 8x players on 3 chemistry
  • League: 3x players on 1 chemistry, 5x players on 2 chemistry, 8x players on 3 chemistry


If you are struggling with those combinations, there are also other cards that could boost your chemistry total. Though, these boosts don’t come cheap.

  • ICON: x2 chemistry for players from their nation
  • Hero: x2 chemistry for players in their league, x1 for nation

Each of these will get maximum chemistry, taking up three points each on the road to the magic 33 number. Here’s the full list of ICON and Hero cards in the game.

Position Modifiers

Playing players out of position in FIFA 23 just isn’t viable if you want high chemistry.

Check the primary and alternative positions on your cards to make sure, when building a team, that the players can slot into the exact formation chosen. For example, somebody such as Fabinho cannot play CM but can play CDM.

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By having the right positions filled in your formation, you will increase chem easily. If you need to change a Rashford, for example, from LW to ST, that’s possible when you have bought or packed a position modifier card to make the change. Here’s how it works.

Do managers give chemistry in FIFA 23?

Pep Guardiola sat behind desk in FIFA Career ModeEA SPORTS
Managers don’t have a massive influence on chem, but they do have some.

Yes – managers add one point to your chemistry total if they have the same nation or league as players in the team.

However, be mindful that once you have maxed out one section of your chemistry (say it is Brazil and you buy a Brazilian manager) that will add nothing more to your tally.

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