FIFA 23 glitch duplicates Eden Hazard and it’s terrifying

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A FIFA 23 duplication glitch has been unearthed by players and it is forcing Eden Hazard’s face onto your staff in Career Mode.

Duplicating players is a myth that runs back to some of the earliest days on Ultimate Team, where some would claim it was possible to copy a card and sell the second version.

While it might not have been true back then, it certainly appears that FIFA 23 has made the impossible possible.

FIFA 23 Career Mode glitch is duplicating players

The issue was found by a Reddit user on FIFA 23 release date, showing that the cutscenes for announcing new signings don’t always work as smoothly as intended.

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These scenes – as mentioned in our review – make this year’s title much more immersive than its predecessor. After getting a deal over the line, your manager will greet them at the training ground where they are invited to a photoshoot.

However, in this case, Eden Hazard (who doesn’t even play for the team) welcomes the player with another Eden Hazard.

They said: “Signed Messi on a free and two Eden Hazards greeted him to our club… Eden Hazard doesn’t play for me.”

In the comments, one user joked: “The fella just wants some play time, dammit Carlo.”

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Another said: “That’s his brother,” joking that it might be his younger brother, Thorgan Hazard.

The visual glitch is hardly game-breaking and makes for a funny interaction in FIFA 23 Career Mode. Whether EA will move to investigate the issue, though, remains to be seen.

Until then, you’re just going to have to deal with the Hazard duplicates if they appear.

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