FIFA 23 FUT Ballers: All players, how it works & more

FIFA 23 FUT Ballers loading screen and cardsGraphics: EA SPORTS

A brand-new Ultimate Team promo is here for FIFA 23 in the form of FUT Ballers. Here’s everything we know about the game’s new event.

Even though it’s the last year under the FIFA umbrella and we had a midseason World Cup, the FIFA 23 promo cycle has been pretty normal when it comes to Ultimate Team.

EA SPORTS has brought back plenty of fan-favorite promos over the last few months, and have only added one or two new ones like FUT Centurions and World Cup Stories. 

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The final FUT Birthday celebration was slated to be the next promo. However, EA unveiled the first ever FIT Ballers promo team instead.

How long is FUT Ballers in FIFA 23? 

FUT Ballers started on Friday, March 17, 2023, at 11 AM PT/2 PM ET/6 PM GMT/7 PM CEST. It’s only slated to run for a week before FUT Birthday fully gets underway, so enjoy it while it lasts. 

FIFA 23 FUT Ballers revealed

There aren’t many FUT Ballers cards, but each offers an extremely compelling option for lineups. Fans will especially be drawn to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Luis Diaz who always have popular FIFA cards.

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The Full FIFA 23 FUT Ballers team.EA Sports

How will FUT Ballers work in FIFA 23? 

So, how will it all work? Instead, of in packs these cards are available through different objectives and SBCs – similar to how the  Showdown Series has worked. 

On top of that, these cards will receive gradual upgrades like last year’s Adidas 99 promo. This would mean that one selected attribute for each player will have the chance to max out at 99, but will also receive a significant boost from the get-go.

As soon as we know more – including more confirmed players – we’ll update this article. So, be sure to check back for more!

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