FIFA 23 fans furious as ‘Legacy Edition’ is the same game again for four years running

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EA’s FIFA 23 Legacy Edition on the Nintendo Switch looks to be yet another iteration devoid of any of the new console edition’s gameplay features for the fourth year running.

Most FIFA fans have come to expect very little for the football franchise on the Nintendo Switch as each year EA dishes out a barebones offering with next-to-no improvements.

Whereas FIFA 23 on the PS5 and Xbox Series X will be welcoming all-new features and gameplay improvements to make the most precise, free-flowing football game possible, the Nintendo Switch will be getting no-such love.

FIFA 23 Legacy Edition on Switch not surprising

EA first introduced the ‘Legacy’ concept on Nintendo Switch with FIFA 20 as the game was advertised as being a reskin of FIFA 19, just with updated kits and club rosters.

Fast-forward to FIFA 23, and despite years of complaints that Switch owners are being overlooked, EA has once again made the call to make FIFA 23 on the Switch a Legacy Edition.

The only difference between FIFA 22 Legacy Edition and FIFA 23 Legacy Edition is that the new iteration will include this season’s kits, more updated players, new Stadiums, and the introduction of the Women’s Super League – that’s it.

FIFA players on the Switch have responded with yet more gripes about EA’s actions: “Not buying it this year. Sick of being classed as irrelevant by EA,” one frustrated player said.

On the other hand, another user had this to say: “Will they not make more if they just went F2P?”

For all the public outcry about EA’s persistence in releasing a Legacy Edition year on year, you’d have to imagine the only reason they keep bringing out a game at all is that people keep buying it.

As long as this happens, you’d have to imagine that this will incentivize EA to overlook the Nintendo Switch just as much moving forward.