FIFA 23 easter egg brings Wrexham’s Ryan Reynolds to the game, with a twist

Wrexham player in FIFA 23 celebratingEA SPORTS

FIFA 23 players have, after almost four months, finally uncovered an easter egg that brings Wrexham AFC owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney to the game in an unusual way. 

The story of Wrexham’s new Hollywood ownership has captured the footballing world over the last year or so, as actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney have started pouring their souls into the Welsh club. 

Even though they’re still in the National League, the Red Dragons have made waves across the internet since being taken over by the actors. They’ve got a sponsorship with TikTok, their own documentary series in the form of Welcome to Wrexham, and they’re in FIFA 23 despite the National League not being a licensed league

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Given their lowly standing, it’s not a shock that many players simply don’t play as Wrexham. Though, it seems those who have been a little curious about them have uncovered quite the easter egg. 

How to get Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney Wrexham commentary in FIFA 23

With the calendar turning over from 2022 to 2023, some FIFA players have finally noticed that Reynolds and McElhenney actually play a part in the game – provided you meet certain conditions. 

If you play as Wrexham against either Liverpool or Stockport County, you’ll hear the two Hollywood actors actually introducing the game in their trademark comedic style. 

The contest between Wrexham and Liverpool makes references to the sizable difference in the two clubs’ stature while there is a bit of jealousy from the actors that Stockport beat them to promotion in their first year. 

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Clips of the commentary have quickly gone viral on social media, and players have been trying a few different match-ups to see if there are any other references. Though, as it stands, only these two have been found.

Who knows, if Wrexham finally get promoted, we might just hear more from Reynolds and McElhenney next year. It’d be nice to get an Always Sunny in Philadelphia reference if you take on the Philadelphia Union, for example.