FIFA 22 update 14 patch notes reveal long list of gameplay changes

David Purcell
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EA SPORTS has shaken things up with another set of FIFA 22 patch notes, this time for Title Update 14, bringing a number of gameplay changes.

The content shakeup was rolled out on July 6 for both Origin and Steam. Typically, it lands on PC platform first. It will be coming to both Xbox and PlayStation in due course.

The game’s developers announced the details of the patch – showing a number of nerfs and buffs for various elements of gameplay.

On top of that, Ultimate Team’s frustrating ‘Compare Price’ bug has been addressed. Let’s take a look at everything that’s included in the latest FIFA 22 patch notes, for Update 14.

FIFA 22 patch notes: Update 14 changes

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Gameplay changes have been announced in Update 14.

The latest Title Update will soon be available for the PC (Origin/Steam) version of FIFA 22, and it will include the changes below.


Made the following changes:

  • Increased the likelihood of a knuckle ball shot occurring when requesting a high powered shot while the ball is 0.67 meters/2.2 feet away from the ball carrier.
  • Added the new Ball Roll Cut 180 Skill Move that can be performed by players with a 4 or 5 star Skill Move rating. – To learn more about the Ball Roll Cut 180 Skill Move, check out our Pitch Notes.
  • Greatly increased the accuracy of low and mid powered Low Driven Shots.
  • Significantly reduced the reach of attempted shot blocks by AI controlled players.
  • Significantly decreased the range required for a defender to attempt a tackle without being requested to do so.
  • Increased the distance between the defender and the ball carrier when the defender is requested to Contain or Teammate Contain.
  • Slightly increased the effectiveness of Finesse Shots in potential goalscoring situations in which the ball carrier is not under heavy pressure from a defender or goalkeeper.
  • Increased the speed at which the ball travels at following a low or mid powered header. – Lower powered headers are more likely to produce a lower ball trajectory.
  • Increased the speed at which the ball travels at following a chipped header.
  • Lowered the ball trajectory that can result from a chipped header.
  • Slightly increased animation speeds when dribbling, Agile Dribbling, and Strafe Dribbling.
  • Slightly increased the animation speed of Reverse Stepover, Stepover, and Body Feint Skill Moves.
  • Slightly reduced the reach of attempted shot blocks by human controlled players.

FIFA Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issue:

  • The Compare Price functionality did not always provide search results when used on some Stadium and Consumable Items.


Addressed the following issue:

  • One of the default Avatars was not wearing shoes on the selection screen, and if that Avatar was selected, shoes could not be equipped to them.