FIFA 22 Ultimate Team details revealed: Updated Team of the Week, Icons, more

Ultimate Team Launch pitch notesEA SPORTS

More details have emerged about FIFA 22’s various FUT programs and more. Here’s everything you need to know from this week’s Pitch Notes. 

Fans are all riled up for another year of FIFA and EA has now clued the world in on what to expect from the game.

The focus was largely on Ultimate Team and the different projects and programs that they’ll be expanding on in this edition of the game mode. This includes updates to Team of the Week, Ones to Watch, and Icons programs.

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Let’s have a look at how things are changing and what’s staying the same.

Featured Team of the Week

A new update to the Team of the Week system in FIFA 22EA SPORTS
Featured Team of the Week players will also be available to receive further boosts from Performance-Based Programs.

In past editions of the game, Performance-Based Program cards were often a bit of a drag. While they were supposed to be improved versions of the players, they were still often outclassed by normal releases by the end of the season. EA is trying to rectify that by introducing an update to Team of the Week.

This new system will see the addition of Featured Team of the Week, an even bigger boost to the cards that qualify for the honor. The hope is to better honor the connection between FIFA 22 and the special moments in Football that earn players a spot in these programs.

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Ones to Watch

Ones to watch graphicEA SPORTS
Ones to Watch players are eligible for more upgrades in this year’s game.

The Ones to Watch tag is all about players starting at a new club. Last year’s game featured twenty-two of these players, and this year six more are being added, for a total of 28 OTW players.

These players will be eligible for a +1 In-Form boost if their club wins five of their next ten domestic league games starting on October 1.

You can read more about Ones to Watch here

FUT Heroes

FUT Heroes are a new card type for FIFA 22.

FUT Heroes are cards inspired by the biggest moments in football history. All nineteen cards will be available at launch, though more of them may arrive throughout the year as part of various campaigns.

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For a breakdown of all the announced Heroes, check out our list here.

FUT Icons

These Icons and four more will join the fold

Icons will operate much the same as they did in FIFA 21. These cards bring legendary players out of retirement and put them back onto the pitch via FIFA Ultimate Team.

While these cards are pretty rare, there are a few new players joining the fold this year – namely Cafu, Iker Casillas, and Robin van Persie. There will eventually be a fourth icon joining their ranks, but for now, it remains a mystery.

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These cards will have four total versions: Base, Mid, Prime, and Moments. Only Base and Mid editions will be available at launch, as the others will be rolled out throughout the year.

EA Play Member Benefits

The EA Play logoEA
EA Play subscribers get unique benefits for FIFA 22.

For those who are subscribed to EA Play, you can expect to take home some extra Boosts in FUT, coins & Apparel in VOLTA, as well as a few Stadium customization Items throughout the season.

If you’re interested in EA Play, you can learn more about it here.

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Web and Companion App

FIFA 21 web app and companion app

FIFA 22 will feature a Mobile companion app accessible either in your browser or an iOS/Android device. This will allow you to set up your Ultimate Team and even start trading well before the game actually launches.

This feature will launch on September 22, 2021, for Web and the following day for Mobile.

That is all for this set of Pitch Notes. Most of the game’s biggest questions have now been answered, but we are still keeping our eyes open for that final ICON card. Regardless, there’s plenty to be excited about ahead of the game’s October 1 release date.

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