FIFA 22 TOTY: 5 nominees players shouldn’t vote for

Bill Cooney
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FIFA 22 Team of the Year voting has started up and will close on January 18, but there are some nominees that aren’t even worth a name on the ballot. 

Team of the Year is supposed to bring together the best of the best players, who will then receive an upgrade in FIFA 22.

However, some of EA’s nominees are real head-scratchers this time around.

It’s not because they’re all so good it’s tough to pick, either. Some of the players included make you wonder what the qualifications to be nominated actually were. Here, we’ll go over the players that aren’t even worth considering for your TOTY ballot.

Worst FIFA 22 TOTY nominees

5. Cristian Romero

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Let’s be honest, Romero probably shouldn’t even be on the ballot for TOTY.

Since joining Tottenham in 2021, Romero really hasn’t had much of an impact on the club’s fortunes. The 23-year-old has appeared in just seven Premier League matches for Spurs so far, leading to some serious questions of why he was included on the ballot.

His performance with the Argentina national side has looked a bit better, but we wouldn’t waste one of our votes on trying to secure him a spot on TOTY – even if he’s a pacey defender.

4. Mats Hummels

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Compared to other Bundesliga players, Hummels is a bit of an odd man out on the FIFA 22 TOTY ballot.

Hummels’ inclusion on the list of nominees is one that’s somewhat justified by his Bundesliga performances, but it’s not going to be a worthwhile pick, sadly.

For a TOTY lineup potentially stacked with players like Mbappe, Lewandowski, Messi, and more, Hummels simply won’t be able to keep up. That is unless EA absolutely supercharges his Pace, but based on his Headliner and base gold card, that doesn’t seem likely.

3. Lucas Paquetá

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In the same vein as Hummels, Paqueta lacks any threatening pace stats.

The way the current FIFA meta plays, you’re going to be up the creek without a paddle if you choose players without an engine. That’s why Paqueta, just like Hummels, isn’t worth a vote either.

His Pace isn’t as terrible as Hummels, we’ll give him that, but it’s still nothing to write home about. Other midfielders like Heung-Min Son, Mason Mount, Thomas Muller, and Casemiro are just better bets for actually making TOTY, and will probably come with better stats as well.

2. Gerard Moreno

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Moreno’s inclusion on TOTY is probably because EA had to meet a quota for LaLiga players.

Gerard Moreno is a natural goalscorer and lethal finisher at times, but the chances of him being an Ultimate Team success are unlikely. His stats are decent, but compared to other superstars on the list he really just seems like a placeholder or filler EA only included because they didn’t want to make LaLiga fans feel left out.

By all means, if you’re a diehard Villareal fan, feel free to include him in your lineup. But, just don’t expect to see him make the first, or second, TOTY teams when they’re finally announced.

1. Harry Kane

fifa 22 toty kane
EA Sports
Harry Kane probably has the best chance of making TOTY from this list, but that doesn’t mean he deserves it.

Finally, we come to Harry Kane. Yes, Tottenham Hotspur fans, two of your players are included here, and there’s not a thing you can do about it.

But why Kane? Well, because we’re putting the blame for Tottenham’s disastrous start to the 21/22 season squarely on his shoulders. The striker has struggled to perform for his team since the start of the campaign, scoring just four goals in 17 Premier League appearances.

After a positive tournament at EURO 2020, a transfer saga that kept him away from Manchester City, and then a wasteful start to the season – the 28-year-old has some way to go to be FIFA 22 TOTY material.

More information on how to vote for your Team of the Season here.