FIFA 22 Road to the Final Team 1: Full team revealed

David Purcell
fifa 22 rttf

EA SPORTS are preparing a FIFA 22 Road to the Final (RTTF) promo to celebrate UEFA’s Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League tournaments, coming soon to Ultimate Team. 

Earlier in the game’s life cycle, fans will remember that there was a Road to the Knockouts promotion, which included two sets of upgraded cards.

They can expect similar in the knockout stages of the competition, too, as RTTF starts up in due course.

Here, we’re going to break down exactly how the promo works, when it’s expected to start, and more.

FIFA 22 Road to the Final: Team 1

Road to the Final Team 1 mini-release

What is FIFA 22 RTTF? How Road to the Final upgrades work

Mohamed Salah headlined RTTF team 1, and has already earned an upgrade. Who joins him in Team 3?
Road to the Final is expected to drop soon in FIFA 22.

As clubs from the Premier League, Bundesliga, and other major leagues across Europe progress through the difficult trials and tribulations of the three major competitions, some of their players are featured in the Road to the Final set.

The RTTF cards – which will be released in FUT – have the potential to soar way beyond their base ratings. These dynamic items will receive boosts in their OVR rating and other statistics the further that they progress in their respective competition, whether that be Champions League, Europa League, or Europa Conference League.

Therefore, real-life results will impact your fortunes on the pitch. Pick the right card and the value could soar over time, depending on how matches go.

FIFA 22 Road to the Final start date

Via a FUT loading screen spotted in-game, EA have revealed that FIFA 22 Road to the Final will kick off on February 18, 2022.

A credible — and usually accurate — source in the FIFA community, FUT Sheriff, leaked that the next promo was likely to be Road to the Final ahead of time, and the developers have now confirmed the rumors.

Next round of Champions League fixtures

These are the teams still involved in the Champions League (the tournament, generally, with the highest rated cards):

  • Red Bull Salzburg vs Bayern Munich
  • Atletico Madrid vs Manchester United
  • Villareal vs Juventus
  • Inter Milan vs Liverpool
  • PSG vs Real Madrid
  • Sporting Lisbon vs Manchester City
  • Benfica vs Ajax
  • Chelsea vs LOSC Lille

Road to the Final card design

The card designs look very similar to previous UCL promos, and are heavily inspired by each of the three European competition.

FIFA 22 Road to the Final loading screen
EA Sports
The designs follow a similar style to the Road to the Knockout cards from earlier in the year.

To see which players we’re expecting to see in RTTF, be sure to check out our predictions. For more information on the Road to the Final promo in FIFA 22, follow us on Twitter @FutWatch.