FIFA 22 removes Mason Greenwood amid investigation as his FUT price rockets

Mason Greenwood in FIFA with FIFA 22 logo in top left cornerEA SPORTS

Manchester United footballer Mason Greenwood was arrested on suspicion of rape and assault on January 31, and just days later EA SPORTS have made the decision to remove him from FIFA 22.

On January 30, a number of social media posts started to circulate after being shared to the Instagram Story of his ex-girlfriend. In them, she is bleeding, covered in bruises, or attempting to avoid his attempts to coerce her into sex against her will.

The story quickly picked up globally, with Manchester United declaring in a statement that he was suspended from training or playing with the club until further notice.

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With other sponsoring brands such as Cadbury and Nike announcing their plans to distance themselves from the player, EA look to be doing the same in the latest FIFA 22 update.

Mason Greenwood posing for Instagram photoInstagram: masongreenwood
Mason Greenwood was hotly tipped as a future star of the game.

Mason Greenwood FUT 22 card price skyrockets

In the February 1 update, players were quick to notice that Greenwood had been removed from all offline modes and no longer appeared in Manchester United’s squad list.

Despite this, Greenwood remains usable in FIFA Ultimate Team, where he has actually skyrocketed in value since allegations first started to surface.

After news initially broke, it didn’t take long for the price hike to start in Ultimate Team. As pointed out by iamkoshiek on Twitter, Greenwood’s price saw a 300% increase in the hours following news breaking.

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Since the above tweet, Greenwood’s price on Xbox has actually dropped slightly, but on PlayStation and PC, he’s still selling for up to 10,000 coins.

With many predicting this to be the end of 20-year-old Greenwood’s career, it may well be the last time he’s ever in a FIFA game.