FIFA 22 players ridicule the ‘worst promo card’ in FUT history

Nathan Warby
Healdiners card with question mark and FIFA 22 logo

FIFA 22’s Headliners promotion has been well-received by fans, with plenty of the new cards becoming staples in teams up and down the divisions. But not every new card has been a hit, with one, in particular, being labeled as one of the promo players in the series’ history.

Although they haven’t all been a total success, FIFA 22 has hit players with some of the most enjoyable promotions in recent memory. Winter Wildcards, especially, was hailed as a big win for EA SPORTS over the holiday period.

The Headliners event seemed to continue the good FUT feeling, with obscure stars like Ollie Watkins receiving meta cards, and quality SBCs dropping regularly.

Sadly, though, not every promo card can be a hit, and Headliners is no different. One of the lower-rated Headliners has been described as one of the most unusable cards in FIFA history, to the point that players can’t even sell him.

FIFA 22 Healdiners Team 2
Headliners brought with it some incredible cards, but they haven’t all gone down well.

The player in question is Headliners Joselu, who was awarded a special card after a host of stunning displays for Alaves in LaLiga. Despite a huge +7 boost for the striker’s base stats, he still doesn’t have any of the qualities that make for a meta player in FIFA 22.

Respectable shooting stats hint he’s capable of putting the ball in the net, but that’s where his qualities end. A mere 68 pace means he’ll be eaten alive by the likes of Kimpembe and Varane, and the wonky nature of headers this year means his 95 heading accuracy won’t be put to use.

However, it’s his inexcusable 38 balance that has come under fire the most. Being able to carry the ball is a vital part of FIFA 22, and his poor stability makes him easy to dispossess with the slightest bit of pressure.

FabulousSuspect5286 took to Reddit, suggesting that Headliners Joselu could be the “worst promo card this FIFA of all time.”

When you consider that even many bronze defenders have upwards of 50 balance, FIFA 22 players were understandably baffled at how EA could award such low numbers to a special card.”Is he really 38 balance?” asked one puzzled user. “Dude might take a shot of whiskey before the game starts.”

“I’m a very strong believer that this is the worst card I’ve ever used in the history of FIFA,” replied another. “Tried him for 4/5 games and he is truly not worth the discard price.”

Even if you don’t feel the need to use a promo card in your team, packing one normally spells a decent profit. However, even this doesn’t seem to be the case for Joselu, as players are struggling to sell him at his lowest possible price.

“I packed him yesterday and I tried to sell him for 10,500 but he did not sell so I had to quick sell him for 10,250,” said one player. “You would lose coins if u sold him for 10,500 because of EA tax, better deal was to quick sell!”

While Headliners cards do have the possibility of being upgraded further, it would take an unprecedented number of in-forms to make this card a viable option. Thankfully, with Team of the Year the next event on the cards, it’s unlikely we’ll stats this low again.