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FIFA 22 players furious after Ultimate Team card prices blunder

Published: 30/Nov/2021 13:14

by Andrew Highton


EA Sports’ FIFA 22 Road to the Knockouts promotion has hit an ugly stumbling block. Instead of rewarding players for investing in cards that have received big upgrades, the company has effectively punished those players with a cruel Ultimate Team oversight.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team has a plethora of amazing promotions that are scattered throughout the year. But a regular one, Road to the Final, has been given a shake-up this season in the form of Road to the Knockouts.

With UEFA now having three big European competitions for the continent to fight over, EA decided to change up the promotion. RTTK cards have the potential to be upgraded thanks to the results of real-life teams. With the 2021-2022 Champions League, Europa League, and Conference League drawing to a close, upgrades are starting to be applied.


However, instead of players now finally cashing in on these upgraded cards for a profit, some have been robbed.

fifa 22 rttk team 2 cards
EA Sports
Players have been excited to get upgrades on some of these rare cards.

On November 29, EA decided to upgrade some of the RTTK cars to reflect their team’s performances. Cards were eligible for an upgrade if their team qualified, and also if they won 3 of their last 4 games.

One example of this was Real Madrid’s Rodrygo. The Real Madrid forward was the beneficiary of a +2 upgrade thanks to Madrid’s Champions League progress and results. His base RTTK card went from an 84 to an 86.

But despite this overall increase, EA made a huge mistake and massively reduced his Max Price. Instead of being a healthy sum of coins, EA, presumably, reduced it to just 15,000 coins by accident.


This player at least noticed the mistake, but not everyone was so fortunate. A post on Reddit highlighted the issue and Dreamville2801 described how they “Clicked on ‘ReList All’ and lost 300k without doing anything wrong.”

Clearly being unaware of the price range drop, the player sold multiple Rodrygo’s, expecting a healthy profit. But instead, they suffered a huge loss thanks to EA’s sudden change of the price ranges.

How tf is this possible? Just clicked on Re List All and lost 300k without doing anything wrong… from FIFA

There are also reports that other RTTK cards have had similar issues, namely, Inter Milan’s sought-after Arturo Vidal.

We’ll keep an eye out and see if EA provides an update on the situation.